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  • Blog Post: Godzilla’s Checkered Gaming Past: A Retrospective

    Starring in soon to be 30 films including a new American reboot in May, Godzilla is no stranger to the big screen. While the poster boy for Japanese film company Toho continues to find success on film, the King of the Monsters’ video game past is a different story entirely. Like many other licensed... More
  • Blog Post: Five Franchises Sony Should Bring Back As Downloadable Games

    As times and tastes change, some franchises fall out of favor – or become too niche to be economically feasible. Thankfully, digital distribution has given new life to games and genres that just wouldn't make sense at a $60 price. With Sony placing a big emphasis on both digital distribution... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – War Of The Monsters

    In celebration of the recently announced Starhawk, we decided to go back to an earlier game from many of the same developers. Incognito Entertainment made such great titles as Twisted Metal: Black and the 2007 PS3 Warhawk, but looks to have disappeared as many employees have split off to Eat Sleep Play... More
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