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  • Blog Post: The Biggest Changes To Dishonored 2's Gameplay

    With our June cover story on Dishonored 2 from Arkane Studios , we talk about our experience seeing the game in action. With this video feature, we wanted to give the developers behind the sequel the chance to explain in their own words how things are changing this time around. While visiting Arkane... More
  • Blog Post: Does The Public Know Who Develops Call of Duty?

    This story was originally published on May 30th, 2014 but we wanted to resurface it with the official reveal of Infinity Ward's Cal of Duty: Infinite Warfare . With our June cover story on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , we introduced you to the new primary developer for the Call of Duty series... More
  • Blog Post: The New Direction For Gears Of War 4's Story

    We've touched on how Gears of War 4 is tweaking the gameplay to the beloved series, but with this feature we want to focus on the game's story and The Coalition's approach to storytelling for the new generation of Gears of War. While visiting the studio for our Gears of War 4 cover story... More
  • Blog Post: What's New In Gears Of War 4's Gameplay

    With our cover story on Gears of War 4 , we covered a lot of topics to describe The Coalition's work on the next installment for the series. With today's feature, we want to focus on what it's actually going to be like for players when they get their hands on an Xbox One controller. While... More
  • Blog Post: See The New Fighters Of Killer Instinct Season 3 In Action

    Killer Instinct is set to bring a new collection of playable combatants with its upcoming third season, so we decided to check them out as they showed off their best moves and combos. Join Wade and myself as we chat about the new characters of Season 3: Tusk, Kim Wu, Rash, and Arbiter. The fights you... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The First Hour Of Far Cry Primal

    Far Cry Primal is finally out, and players are already finding the title to be a surprisingly different variation on the Far Cry formula. If you’re making up your mind about whether Ubisoft’s new game is worth a play, you should consider Jeff Cork’s complete review . If you need some... More
  • Blog Post: Seeing MLB The Show 16's New Features In Action

    Each year, annualized sports games face the same criticism that they don't innovate enough to warrant the full purchase. SCE San Diego seems to have taken the criticism to heart, as MLB The Show 16 includes a bevy of new features. We invited SCE San Diego's Ramone Russell to the Game Informer... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Unleash Each Character's Critical Arts Move In Street Fighter V

    Street Fighter V launched today and players are starting to piece together who their main will be for the next entry of the classic series. We played around with some of the characters without knowing their movesets particularly well , but now we're going in with a different purpose: showing of what... More
  • Blog Post: Animating Rey, BB-8, And Kylo Ren For Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    For Game Informer's March cover story on Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens , we visited developer TT Fusion in Wilmslow, England to get a sneak peak at how the team is putting the game together. Previously working on animated films such as Corpse Bride , TT Fusion's head of animation Matt Palmer... More
  • Blog Post: Infinite Doom: Why SnapMap Is id’s Secret Weapon

    Doom has always had a vibrant mod community, giving gamers the ability to create their own maps an more. That legacy is moving forward into the next Doom thanks to SnapMap. In our video interview with Doom's game director, Marty Stratton, we talk about how the new SnapMap creation feature will give... More
  • Blog Post: Long Live The Arena: A Look At Doom’s Old-School Multiplayer

    As any long-time fan of the Doom series knows, over the top, gory multiplayer is core to the series' legacy. But how will the upcoming game compare to both classic Doom, and current shooter juggernauts like Halo or Call of Duty? Kicking off our last week of exclusive Doom coverage , Andrew Reiner... More
  • Blog Post: See How id's New Doom Breaks The Modern Shooter Mold

    Over the last decade we've seen a wealth of new mechanics filter into the shooter genre. Many triple-A titles have implemented cover-based combat, aiming down sights, automatic health recovery, and much more. With id Software's Doom making a highly anticipated comeback this year, how will it... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Visiting The Ouya Graveyard

    The Ouya experienced massive success on Kickstarter during the course of its campaign. With promises of being open for developers and modders, free demos for all games, and a lower price tag than any other console, the Ouya raised over $8.5 million thanks to a group of more than 63,000 backers. The enthusiasm... More
  • Blog Post: Inside Insomniac's Terrifying VR Adventure Edge Of Nowhere

    With our January cover focusing on the upcoming year of virtual reality games , we wanted to take a look at some longer experiences and not just the typical VR tech demos. One of those games was Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac Games, a game set in Antarctica that features a man named Victor Howard battling... More
  • Blog Post: The Big Grapple: Just Cause 3's Mission To Kickstart New York

    This video feature was originally published on November 21st, 2014, but we wanted to resurface it with the impending release of Avalanche New York's Just Cause 3. While Avalanche Studios co-founder Christofer Sundberg doesn't like to draw a distinction between the original studio in Stockholm... More
  • Blog Post: Uncovering The Secrets Of Max Payne And Alan Wake In Remedy's Warehouse

    While visiting Finland for our December cover story on Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break , we wanted to touch not only on the studio's future but also reflect on their past work developing games like Max Payne and Alan Wake . The Remedy team dedicates a room in their office as their "development... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Long Game: Inside Quantum Break's Challenging Development

    We've shared our hands-on impressions of Quantum Break's gameplay , but now we want to reverse time a bit and talk about how the game came to be. While visiting Remedy Entertainment's studio in Espoo, Finland for our December cover story , we spoke with the team about how Quantum Break evolved... More
  • Blog Post: Who The Hell Is Mafia III Developer Hangar 13?

    With our November cover story on Mafia III , we gave readers a mountain of information on the game. After a shift away from Mafia II's creators 2K Czech (which now serves a support role in development), there are a lot of questions from fans about where Hangar 13 came from and how they plan on continuing... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Minecraft: Story Mode

    The latest IP to receive the Telltale treatment is the wildly popular Minecraft. With no story previously existing in the game itself, Telltale had its work cut out for it in making it still feel like a Minecraft game while stripping players of the majority of the freedom that made it so popular in the... More
  • Blog Post: Reinventing The Mob – Breaking Down The Gameplay Of Mafia III

    With more and more game franchises making the transition to an open world, it's tougher than ever to stand out these days. Even for an early innovator in the genre like Mafia, the pressure's on to create a unique experience for players. With our November cover story on Mafia III , we're rolling... More
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