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  • Blog Post: Top 50 Challenge – The Swapper

    Environmental, story-driven puzzle games are very high on my favorite genres list. For me, games like Braid, Limbo, and Portal represent the apex of brilliant game design, offering experiences that are impossible to emulate in film and literature. For this reason, I was excited to take on The Swapper... More
  • Blog Post: Fight For The Top 50 – The Swapper

    One of the joys of reviewing video games is stumbling upon titles that otherwise wouldn't have appeared on your personal radar. Back in May, I ran into one of my favorite instances of this. If I wasn't working in the industry, odds are that I would have never heard of indie PC title The Swapper... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – The Swapper

    The Metrodvania trope tends to be thrown around whenever a 2D perspective and a sprawling map are used in a game. At first glance, The Swapper may appear to fit this mold. Looks can be deceiving, however. The Swapper isn't about shooting enemies or unearthing upgrades. There's very little "action"... More
  • Blog Post: The Standout Titles Of PAX’s Indie Mega Booth

    Stepping onto the PAX Prime 2012 show floor, you’re immediately greeted with the huge, elaborately lit booths of major video game publishers like Microsoft and Sony. These spectacles cram huge statues and loud music in your face to promote their multi-million dollar, AAA titles. But tucked away... More
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