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  • Blog Post: Watch Steve Wozniak Dominate At Tetris

    As the co-founder of Apple Computer, an original board member for Electronic Arts, and renowned philanthropist, Steve Wozniak has a lot to be proud of. But "Woz" holds one honor particularly close to his heart: claiming the high score in Nintendo Power magazine for Tetris on the original Game... More
  • Blog Post: Seven Songs That Need To Be In Dance Central

    Harmonix has confirmed a huge list of songs for Dance Central 3 , and even after the game releases more and more will be added. These are some of the songs that haven't been confirmed, but we hope they end up in the game at some point. PSY – Gangnam Style To be honest, I don’t know anything... More
  • Blog Post: Minimalism Done Right

    Some of the most memorable titles in gaming are the ones developers strip down to the core. Even with simplistic control schemes and less emphasis on polygon counts, minimalistic games provide the type of experience that stick with you long after you put down the controller. Here are a few titles that... More
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