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  • Blog Post: An Early Look At Dying Light's The Following Expansion

    With its enjoyable parkour mechanics and fun combat, Techland's Dying Light was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2015. As we approach the first anniversary of the original game's release, Techland is readying a major expansion, The Following. Join Reiner, Tim, and myself as we complete an... More
  • Blog Post: Knife In A Gunfight: The History And Evolution Of First-Person Melee Combat

    It’s easy to see why guns get all the glory in video games. Unleashing the BFG on a group of Hell Knights never gets old, and sniping a headshot from across the map is always satisfying. Compared to their louder, flashier cousins, melee weapons were often a neglected portion of the first-person... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On: The Ups And Downs Of Dying Light

    Techland's latest take on the zombie apocalypse is finally here, and Dead Island fans have been eagerly waiting to see if the developer's newest open-world offering can improve upon the flaws of its predecessors. We've only just begun to sink our teeth into Dying Light's meaty campaign... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Dying Light

    Techland's newest zombie-apocalypse simulator is shambling to release this week, and the G.I. crew is taking you on a tour of the gorgeous wasteland. Join Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and I as we explore Dying Light's vast and beautiful open world and put our zombie-slaying skills to the test. Sure... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

    After a failed attempt to modernize the Call of Juarez series, Techland's latest installment returns to its western roots. This downloadable FPS puts you into the blood-soaked boots of bounty hunter Silas Greaves. Silas treats the Wild West like a shooting gallery, mowing down rival gunmen, chickens... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Dead Island Riptide

    The latest installment in the Dead Island series is out today, and it’s a good time despite its many flaws . Written reviews can only say so much, however, so we’re showing off the first chaotic section of the game. I play as John Morgan, a hand-to-hand specialist fighting his way off a doomed... More
  • Blog Post: Live Stream – Dead Island: Riptide

    UPDATE - IT'S OVER! But you can check out the archive right here . Join us for two hours of zombie slaying in Techland and Deep Silver's Dead Island: Riptide , starting at 4:30 PM CT today. Tim Turi and I are playing the game cooperatively on Xbox 360, and are looking for two additional players... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Island Devs On Surviving Minecraft, DayZ, And Zombie Fatigue

    The developers behind Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide have been thinking about zombies on a daily basis for years. Resident Game Informer zombie expert Tim Turi can't stop pouring zombie and survival fiction into his mind. We thought it would be a good idea to get them all together in a casual... More
  • Blog Post: How Dead Island: Riptide Improves The Zombie Formula

    Dead Island was one of the sleeper hits of 2011, and the developers surprised fans again with the June announcement of Dead Island: Riptide. As the fully-featured successor to the first Dead Island, the new game boasts a new environment, playable character, and more. Watch the video interview below with... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Island Riptide Wish List

    Deep Silver hasn't revealed anything about Dead Island Riptide beyond a title and a logo, but we already have a list of things we'd like to see in the game. Developed by Techland, Dead Island shook up the survival horror genre with its open-world structure, RPG-esque leveling and loot systems... More
  • Blog Post: Afterwords: Dead Island

    It's been several months since Dead Island bloodied game consoles with harrowing first-person survival. Since then, developer Techland has been busy updating the game and crafting the upcoming DLC , which follows the tale of newcomer Ryder White. While the makers of the genre-blending undead thrill... More
  • Blog Post: Reiner And Phil Play Dead Island

    Dead Island has been a somewhat divisive game, but most of GI's editors (including reviewer Tim Turi ) have been enjoying the hell out of it. On this episode of Reiner and Phil, Reiner sweeps me away for a romantic tropical vacation that is quickly interrupted by hordes of zombies and a whole bunch... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Island Cinematic Designer Responds To Mixed Trailer Reactions

    After falling off the radar for several years, Techland's Dead Island made a splash last week with a heartwrenching announcement trailer that followed a family and their fight for survival against a bloodthirsty zombie horde. The video was created by Glasgow-based animation house Axis that worked... More
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