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  • Blog Post: Ranking The Star Fox Series

    Today marks the return of a brand new, non-remake Star Fox entry after a 10-year absence. Star Fox Zero may not be quite the return we were hoping for ( you can find our review here ), but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our appreciation for the space fox and his spaceship adventures. Below... More
  • Blog Post: Insulting The Lamest Characters From Great Video Games

    Even some of the best games have flaws. Sometimes those flaws are characters that are underdeveloped, awkward, or otherwise annoying. They are the Scrappy-Doos of video games; characters we didn't ask for, didn't want, and got anyway. Here's a roundup of the lamest characters from games that... More
  • Blog Post: TV Shows That Deserve Better Video Games

    It’s easy to write off a video game based on a TV show as a company’s way to cash in on the property. While not all of the games in the list below do that, most of them do. That’s a shame. Multiple video games exist for the five shows below – but we think they can do better. A... More
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