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  • Blog Post: Top Horror Games To Anticipate In 2016

    The most classic horror film series were all at one point born of one small team’s vision, a miniscule budget, and a lot of dumb luck. Jaws couldn’t keep the shark from breaking, so instead we were treated to an unseen menace. George Romero’s meager budget on Night of the Living Dead... More
  • Blog Post: Six Recent Smaller Horror Games You Shouldn’t Pass On

    With games like the two featured on our cover this month – Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within – 2014 is a good year for scary games. In the indie scene, too, it has been good time for the genre. If you’re a fan of horror video games and being scared by interactive experiences, here... More
  • Blog Post: Scared Off By Dead Space

    Halloween is great because it's the one night of the year when it's socially acceptable to scare the crap out of children. It's also the perfect time for a horror movie/gaming marathon. As a fan of both sci-fi and horror, the original Dead Space was a nightmare come true. However, Visceral... More
  • Blog Post: Dissecting Survival Horror: What Makes The Genre Special

    Survival horror games are about building up to those perfect scares. All the best series have memorable moments that have defined the genre. Remember your first glimpse of Scissorman from Clock Tower or Pyramid Head from Silent Hill? But in this generation, it feels like the genre has almost been abandoned... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space Composer Jason Graves Explains The Unsettling Score

    Award-winning composer Jason Graves has provided his musical talents to the gaming industry for the past eight years, and has successfully caused gamers to jump out of their seats with his work on the scores for the Dead Space franchise. The classically-trained composer explains what it takes to craft... More
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