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  • Blog Post: Tanks For The Memories – The Evolution Of Resident Evil's Combat

    Capcom's seminal horror franchise has changed dramatically since its inception in 1996. An important element of that evolution concerns combat - how players dispatch the zombies and other terrible creatures. From the original PlayStation game to next year's Resident Evil Revelations 2 ( read... More
  • Blog Post: Do Updates Change Games For The Better?

    It used to be that once a developer released a game it was finished. No matter how much a developer wanted to continue working on the title, the game was done. NES titles from 30 years ago play exactly the same today as they did when they first hit store shelves. Today’s gaming world is not nearly... More
  • Blog Post: Why I’m Excited For The Resident Evil 6 Camera Update

    Capcom announced today that Resident Evil 6 will be receiving an update that unlocks Ada’s campaign from the beginning of the game, adds a harder difficulty, and allows players to adjust the camera distance. I enjoyed Resident Evil 6 quite a bit, despite what others criticized as too-close-for... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 10/12/12

    There were some great games released this week, so we’ll be spending the weekend trying to split our time between as many of them as possible. It’s not all about the new releases though, as a few older games will be getting some weekend lovin' as well. Joe Juba: I downloaded the Mechromancer... More
  • Blog Post: Review Round-Up: Dishonored, XCOM, Pokémon, And More

    It's getting to be that time of the year when every game we've been excited about releases within about twenty minutes of one another. In honor of the season, we've gathered all of our holiday release reviews into one place, Test Chambers included! Dishonored (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) – "... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 10/05/12

    We are now in the haunting month of October and the staff is feeling the spirit. From blasting monsters in Resident Evil 6 to catching monsters in Pokémon we will all have our hands full this weekend. Kimberley Wallace: Every October, I devote myself to survival horror games. Right now, I’m... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil 6's Four-Player Co-op & Agent Hunt Mode Impressions

    Resident Evil 6 tinkers with the series’ formula by allowing players to move and shoot, fire from the ground, and choose between three separate campaigns. It also experiments with bursts of four-player co-op and a competitive multiplayer mode built into the campaign. While the additional options... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Resident Evil 6

    You've already read our review of Resident Evil 6 , but here's a closer look at the second chapter of Jake Muller's campaign. Watch Jake, the melee dynamo, plow through dudes with his fists and comically slide down an icy mountain pass. Ben Reeves and Andrew Reiner join in on the video preview... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 9/28/12

    Borderlands 2 is still taking up a lot of our time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw a few other games into the mix. Advanced copies of Resident Evil 6, unborn babies, and already-born babies will also demand some time this weekend. Tim Turi: This weekend I hope to keep plugging away... More
  • Blog Post: Preparing Yourself For Resident Evil 6

    A bioterrorism outbreak of global proportions is just around the corner. Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and the rest of our heroes will travel across China, a sleepy U.S. town, and Eastern Europe to stop it. Prepare yourself for the impending outbreak of the c-virus with this handy primer. Know The... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil 6 Producer Talks Story, Combat, & Multiplayer

    The latest Resident Evil 6 game is shaking up the series’ formula in the most significant way since Resident Evil 4. Overhauled controls, an intertwining narrative thread, and four-player co-op are coming together for a very new experience. As a diehard fan of the series, these changes have raised... More
  • Blog Post: Every Known Plot Point About Resident Evil 6

    Capcom has been releasing increasingly plot-heavy trailers for Resident Evil 6 since the game was announced earlier this year . Many of the big reveals in these trailers feel like outright spoilers, so we already know quite a bit about Resident Evil 6’s plot even before the game’s October... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Resident Evil 6 Demo

    Purchasers of Capcom's Dragon's Dogma have an extra treat today. A code to unlock an exclusive Resident Evil 6 demo came with new copies of the game, and it's now active. The demo allows players to try out healthy chunks of Leon, Chris, and Jake's campaigns. This is the exact same demo... More
  • Blog Post: What We Want In Resident Evil 6

    This is an update to a story we originally posted on July 9, 2010. After checking out the recently revealed trailer for Resident Evil 6, we're revisiting our initial desires and predicting the probability that our wishes will come true. Original Story: Over the last fifteen years the Resident Evil... More
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