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  • Blog Post: Testing The New Xbox One Media Remote

    During the last generation of consoles, I preferred to watch movies on my PlayStation 3 thanks to its awesome first-party Bluetooth remote control. When I disconnected my PS3 and 360 after buying my new consoles, I was disappointed to have to return to controller-based navigation. As soon as I heard... More
  • Blog Post: Watching TVii: Putting Nintendo’s Video Service To The Test

    One of the big selling points of the Wii U is the way it interacts with the entertainment spewing from your television. Rather than taking the route Sony and Microsoft did with its own consoles and creating a whole new television and movie rental and purchasing service, Nintendo is trying to make sure... More
  • Blog Post: Holiday Buying Guide 2009

    It’s that time of year again – a season when the American economy relies on us to buy more than we can afford to propel ourselves out of economic turmoil. Need some help spending that holiday cash? You’ve come to the right place. If you've already read our magazine version, you're... More
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