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  • Blog Post: What We Learned From Sony’s Tokyo Press Conference

    In the lead-up to this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the press descended on Tokyo’s Midtown Hall to get the latest from Sony about its plans for the PS4 and Vita. While attending, we learned of a few new details that will be big news for North American players, including details on the first major... More
  • Blog Post: Making The Grade: How Nintendo Can Improve Its E3 Performance

    We're in our final day of looking back at last year's E3 2014 Report Cards. Microsoft and Sony have both been under the microscope. Now, the house of Mario gets its time in the spotlight. Last year, Nintendo completely abandoned in-person presentation in favor of a Nintendo Direct-style presentation... More
  • Blog Post: Making The Grade: How Sony Can Improve Its E3 Performance

    Yesterday, we got down to brass tacks to discuss what each of the platform holders need to do this year at E3. We've picked apart Microsoft's E3 2014 performance and delivered our expectations. Today, we look at what Sony needs to do to raise last year's grade. Last year, Sony gave a middling... More
  • Blog Post: Analysis: The Press Conferences Of E3 2014

    The press conferences that kick off E3 allow companies to set the tone of the show, highlighting new games, services, and generally getting gamers excited. Sometimes these events go very well , and other times they are horrible disasters . How does this year stack up? Well, it certainly won't live... More
  • Blog Post: It's Time For E3 Bingo

    What will happen during the E3 press conferences is anyone's guess. Every year, we see big surprises amid the sales figures and awkwardly scripted banter. What announcements will make headlines? What familiar faux pas will play out on stage? Using our E3 Bingo card, you can track the events and play... More
  • Blog Post: Video Recap - Sony's E3 2013 Press Conference

    Immediately after Sony delivered its press conference, we gathered a few editors on camera to talk about the impressive news Sony delivered. No used restrictions, no required online check-in, and a price tag $100 cheaper than the PlayStation 4's main competitor, the Xbox One. Check out the video... More
  • Blog Post: Video Recap - Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference

    To spare you an hour of executives reading scripts and Aisha Tyler trying her hardest to be entertaining, we wanted to share our gut-reaction impressions of Ubisoft's E3 2013 press conference. Game Informer's Kim Wallace and Kyle Hilliard were slightly underwhelmed, but some interesting game... More
  • Blog Post: This Generation's E3 Oddities

    Every summer, the E3 convention descends upon Los Angeles and gives gamers plenty to talk about for the next year. These talking points usually revolve around new game announcements or console reveals, but there are usually a handful of embarrassing or odd moments in the mix as well. Below, you'll... More
  • Blog Post: Liveblogging Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

    Game Informer is at E3, and we're here to cover the breaking news of the show as it happens. Nintendo is the last of the major press conferences, and we'll be live blogging throughout the show. Check out the Cover It Live window below to take part in the discussion. More
  • Blog Post: Conference Reaction: Microsoft Stays The Course

    Once again, Microsoft hit the stage at E3 to tout new a host of new corporate partnerships for its Xbox Live service. However, those expecting talk of a new console will have to wait. This is the first of our Conference Reaction columns -- we'll be publishing one for each of the major console manufacturers'... More
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