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  • Blog Post: Sony Developers Weigh In On PlayStation 4

    We had the opportunity to ask the heads of some of Sony's most high-profile in-house development studios, including Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch, what they thought of the PlayStation 4. Their answers speak to their enthusiasm for a system that should give developers a lot of power and flexibility... More
  • Blog Post: In The Box: If You Want Gamers To Use It, Include It

    Often, seemingly small decisions have a profound impact. This is true in life, and doubly true for companies that manufacture video game consoles. Since the beginning of this generation, tech experts and journalists have spent thousands of words breaking down the difference between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: The Best And Worst Of Gamescom Today

    Three jet-lagged Game Informer editors are crisscrossing Cologne, Germany to bring you the most important news coming from the pre-convention press conferences today. See what looks awesome – and what looks worse than Wonderbook – inside. Adam Biessener The best thing I saw at Gamescom today... More
  • Blog Post: What Will The Big Three Have In Store For E3?

    E3 is just around the corner which means developers, publishers, and media outlets are working around the clock to prepare for the flood of game reveals and announcements that will hit the industry’s biggest event of the year. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have already locked down dates for their... More
  • Blog Post: The[Crafty]Gamer: Robert Mangaoang (PlayStation Move, Zombie Prints)

    This week The[Crafty]Gamer features Robert Mangaoang from Honolulu, who has created amazing prints featuring iconic characters and the possibilities of PlayStation Move. Plus get a sneak peek of his zombie art. You can find his impressive zombie-themed art in the latest issue of Game Informer. Read on... More
  • Blog Post: What My Five-Year-Old Hatched

    It is hard to get a five-year-old to review anything, much less a five-year-old who tells everyone he meets that he is a slimy alien (true story). However, sitting him down in front of Sony’s EyePet and handing him a Move controller got a reaction – even if it was initially just the shock... More
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