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  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Blasting Bots To Bits In Star Fox Guard

    If you pick up Star Fox Zero next week at retail; you'll also get a copy of the tower-defense spinoff Star Fox Guard. It puts you in charge of security for Slippy's uncle, Grippy, where you have to monitor cameras and turrets to take on marauding robots. We take a look at several levels –... More
  • Blog Post: The Abundant Easter Eggs Of Transformers: Devastation

    It came as something of a surprise when we learned earlier this year that Platinum’s next action opus would be a Transformers game. But when the game released, it turned out to be a strong, stylish action game filled with nostalgia for the original 1980s Transformers cartoon, and for the broader... More
  • Blog Post: Is Transformers: Devastation One Of The Top 50 Games Of 2015?

    Each year around Thanksgiving, we start compiling our list of contenders for our Top 50 games. Inevitably, there are some that are “on the bubble,” that need more voices for our discussion. The Fight for the Top 50 is our chance to give games on the cusp a fair shake at a coveted spot on... More
  • Blog Post: How To Win Friends And Influence People The Kamiya Way

    As any celebrity, athlete, musician, or game developer can attest, public speaking has some serious pitfalls. Quotes can be misinterpreted or taken completely out of context, and expressing your opinion can even cost you your job. This dangerous climate is why so many public figures have media specialists... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Bayonetta 2

    Bayonetta is back, and the stylish witch is armed to the teeth with even more crazy weapons and magical powers to combat the forces of heaven and hell. This Wii U-exclusive sequel is available today, and it meets the high bar set by the original. I reviewed Bayonetta 2 and thought it was a blast, so... More
  • Blog Post: Games To Beat In A Day – MadWorld

    Hey, what's that little white box in the corner of your closet tucked behind the Dyson vacuum cleaner and your high school yearbook? Is that your Wii? Grab it, I have a game to share with you – if you can find your sensor bar. The Nintendo Wii has a reputation as a family friendly system so... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – The Wonderful 101

    After a long drought, the Wii U is finally starting to get a nice trickle of games to ring in the holiday season. We've already seen the release of Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends, and the upcoming months will include big names like Mario and Zelda. Adding to that list is an exclusive from Platinum Games... More
  • Blog Post: Video Interview - Bayonetta 2's Dual Control Schemes

    Bayonetta 2, the Wii U exclusive from Sega and Nintendo, was playable in Nintendo's booth at E3 2013. The game picks up where the first one left off and doesn't hold back on the insanity. You can learn more about Bayonetta 2 by reading Jeff Cork's hands-on impressions here . Watch the video... More
  • Blog Post: Is The Metal Gear Rising Strategy Guide Worth It?

    Strategy guides aren’t just about looking at level maps or finding out how to beat bosses. For many people, they provide a compact and comprehensive way to immerse themselves in their favorite games. However, not all guides are created equal. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and its accompanying... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Anarchy Reigns

    Platinum Games' Anarchy Reigns hit store shelves this week for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Game Informer's Tim Turi weighed in on it , and also joined me on this episode of Test Chamber for a short look at the single-player campaign, as well as a quick multiplayer match of the rugby-like Death... More
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