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  • Blog Post: Despite 'Horrendous Mistakes,' Molyneux Says Godus Still On Track

    Last month, Godus designer Konrad Naszynski studio posted a disheartening statement about the status of the project. This week, the developer 22 Cans has answered questions about its Kickstarter project, missed goals, and promises it still has yet to keep to its backer community. “To be brutally... More
  • Blog Post: Peter Molyneux Thinks More Developers Should Go Free-To-Play

    Peter Molyneux created a number of well-known gaming franchises, such as Populous, Dungeon Keeper, and Fable, before leaving the big studios behind and starting his own indie developer, 22 Cans. Earlier this month, the studio launched Godus on iOS, which is currently working its way through early access... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Peter Molyneux Review iPhone Fart Apps

    Peter Molyneux has had a long and storied career. As the creator of Populous, Black & White, Fable, and the recent iPhone experiment Curiosity, he's been no stranger to ambitious concepts throughout his 30-year history in the industry. I had a chance to sit down with Peter at E3 this year, and... More
  • Blog Post: Peter Molyneux Dissects Telltale's The Walking Dead With Its Writer

    Two years ago at E3 I shot a one-on-one interview between Bethesda's Todd Howard and Mojang's Notch . It was an odd pairing, but I continue to receive a lot of positive responses to the video. This year at E3 I decided to schedule more videos that have developers that are fans of each other's... More
  • Blog Post: Molyneux Talks Developing For Kinect, His Gaming Habits

    Throughout his career, designer Peter Molyneux has consistently been one of the most entertaining interviews in the industry. We had a chance to speak with him at the Microsoft Spring Showcase, mere days before he departed from Lionhead and Microsoft to join the new studio 22 Cans. What was your first... More
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