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  • Blog Post: The Best PC Games Of 2012 (For Non-Gaming PCs)

    We all love the PlanetSides and StarCrafts of the world, but some of the most exciting things happening in the PC space these days have hardware requirements that are more 2002 than 2012. Even if you’re rocking integrated graphics on the three-year-old laptop your folks bought you for college,... More
  • Blog Post: Will We Fight Angels In Diablo III?

    Having made my way through an advance copy of the upcoming Book of Cain , an official Blizzard release that details (the latest version of) the Diablo franchise's lore, I'm left with one question: Will we be taking the fight not just to the Burning Hells, but to the High Heavens as well? "But... More
  • Blog Post: Five PC Gems That You May As Well Play on Console

    Most PC games that get ported to consoles come out looking (and more importantly, playing) like inferior versions. Only a few survive the process, but they can give PC-impaired gamers a window into what drives some of us to drop thousands of dollars on electronics every few years. It wasn't by our... More
  • Blog Post: Eight MMOs That Died Almost As Quickly As APB

    In honor of APB's ugly demise, we present to you a hot cup of schadenfreude as we look back at eight dead games that pretty much got what they had coming to them.* Because seriously. The Matrix Online. Ugh. * As long as you don't dwell too much on jobs lost and dreams crushed. Nobody sets out... More
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