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  • Blog Post: Don't Judge Next Gen By Its Launch Games

    Last week, I had the chance to play several Xbox One launch titles at a preview event in San Francisco. I had a lot of fun with Dead Rising 3 , saw potential in Project Spark , and was impressed by the revival of Killer Instinct , but few things I saw on the software side of things screamed “next... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: Next Gen Isn't That Exciting Yet

    I waited in line for my Xbox 360 at midnight after days of nail-biting over smaller than expected launch shipments. Was I going to get the console I preordered? Was I going to have to make a choice between a stripped down "core" system now or a standard system later? Thankfully, all went well... More
  • Blog Post: Your Move, Microsoft

    If you were forced to pick one word that summed up Sony’s PS4 reveal, a safe answer would be “connected.” The company line is that the PS4 emphasizes the “play” part of PlayStation, but that only tells some of the story. Nearly everything Sony showed in New York fed back... More
  • Blog Post: This Generation's Dominant Ideas

    Most gamers associate better graphics and new IP with the launch of next-gen hardware, but there's a lot more that our current consoles brought to the table. Join us for a look at some of the ideas that have been introduced and/or cemented over the past few years of gaming, and what they could mean... More
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