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  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Smashing Buildings, Baby Mothra, And Online Competitors In Godzilla On PS4

    Godzilla makes his new-gen (and last-gen) debut with the simply titled Godzilla today, and we take a look at an early part of the game and play a few online matches. Join myself and Andrew Reiner as we dabble with game's destructive, but repetitive gameplay, meet baby Mothra, and jump online for... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Alphadia Genesis And Meme Run

    On this episode of Test Chamber, we look at Alphadia Genesis, an RPG about war, clones, and other mysteries. The turn-based RPG recently came to the Wii U and just launched on Steam yesterday. We played on the Wii U to give you a taste for the game. Andrew Reiner hosts, Jeff Cork adds the humor, and... More
  • Blog Post: Exploring Freedom In Harvest Moon

    Most people think chores are the pits. In the Harvest Moon series, they comprise the majority of the gameplay. While that may seem like busywork to some players, I couldn’t get enough the first time I picked up Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. A long to-do list of various tasks around a farm seems... More
  • Blog Post: Eight Upcoming Under-The-Radar Titles That Deserve Your Attention

    With plenty of releases on the horizon, we don't want anything to get lost in the shuffle. These are games that you should consider not letting pass you by. Not only are they less known, but each title also provides something different and exciting for gamers. Gone Home (PC) Release: August 15 What... More
  • Blog Post: Guilty Pleasure: Harvest Moon – Why I Keep Tilling Lands

    I've never envied the life of a farmer. Early mornings alongside tending crops and raising unpredictable animals doesn't exactly scream "fun." I still can't remember what drew me to rent the first Harvest Moon game. Perhaps it was boredom or the cute anime art style, but little... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Pocky & Rocky

    Game Informer's month-long celebration of co-op gaming once again extends to Replay, our silly show that revisits gaming's past. In this episode, Atlus' Aram Jabbari joins Joe Juba, Tim Turi, and I for a fun look back at Natsume's co-op action game Pocky & Rocky. Playing this title... More
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