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  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Putting Quantum Break's Time Powers To The Test

    Time waits for no man – except Jack Joyce. In Remedy's latest action shooter, players take control of Jack who has acquired the ability to manipulate time in a series of really cool ways. Here's a look at some of the time-bending firefights you can expect to get into in Quantum Break when... More
  • Blog Post: How The Coalition Became Gears Of War's New Home

    When Microsoft purchased Gears of War from Epic , fans were surprised that a mysterious and unproven studio in Vancouver called Black Tusk would be handling the development. After shifting away from their teased new IP, joining forces with Gears veteran Rod Fergusson , and changing their name to The... More
  • Blog Post: Details On Epic’s Abandoned Vision For Gears Of War 4

    Epic Games created the Gears of War franchise, and the series became incredibly successful for the studio. So after wrapping up the original Gears trilogy, the company wasn’t planning on putting Gears in a box and throwing it in cold storage. While People Can Fly helped co-develop the side story... More
  • Blog Post: An Exclusive Interview With The Actors Behind Gears Of War 4

    With the announcement of our April cover story on Gears of War 4 , we also r evealed the actors that will be playing the game's three playable characters . In this feature, it's time for the actors to talk about their experience working with The Coalition on Gears of War 4. While visiting the... More
  • Blog Post: The New Direction For Gears Of War 4's Story

    We've touched on how Gears of War 4 is tweaking the gameplay to the beloved series, but with this feature we want to focus on the game's story and The Coalition's approach to storytelling for the new generation of Gears of War. While visiting the studio for our Gears of War 4 cover story... More
  • Blog Post: What's New In Gears Of War 4's Gameplay

    With our cover story on Gears of War 4 , we covered a lot of topics to describe The Coalition's work on the next installment for the series. With today's feature, we want to focus on what it's actually going to be like for players when they get their hands on an Xbox One controller. While... More
  • Blog Post: Everything We Know About Gears Of War 4's Multiplayer

    Since the series' debut, Gears of War players have logged an impressive 2.3 billion hours playing Gears of War's multiplayer. The Coalition is acutely aware that it has a passionate fan base looking forward to digging into the next online Gears experience. Our recent trip to visit the studio... More
  • Blog Post: 105 Questions And Answers About Gears Of War 4

    With Microsoft's purchase , development of the Gears of War series has shifted from Epic Games to The Coalition. With a new developer and a fresh start to the series, fans are bound to have a lot of questions about Gears of War 4. We hope that our 14-page cover story in the latest issue of the magazine... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Microsoft’s Mishandling Dooms Lionhead

    The closure of UK studio Lionhead is unfortunate not only because it means a lot of talented, hard-working developers are out of work, but it also represents Microsoft's failure to properly manage one of its tent-pole first-party studios. The poster child for this is the now-cancelled Fable Legends... More
  • Blog Post: Everything You Need To Know From The Xbox Spring Showcase

    Last week, Microsoft and Xbox held a big event showing off the releases coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 PC over the next few months. From announcements hinting at the future of the Xbox and Windows platforms to hands-on time with Xbox's biggest upcoming games, we had a lot of content come from... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Fable II

    Replay community members Ryan McLaughlin and Katie Finnell join the Game Informer crew for a special edition of our favorite show. What makes this episode so special? We won't spoil that for you here, but we will say it goes far beyond Fable II, a game that Ryan and Katie picked out for us this week... More
  • Blog Post: 10 Things That Still Annoy Us About Xbox One

    When Xbox One launched in 2013, the operating system was a bit of a mess. Technical issues and user interface problems pervaded the system, and the force-fed Kinect integration did little to alleviate problems and win fans. Late last year, Xbox One received the New Xbox One Experience , which fixed various... More
  • Blog Post: Looking Back On Microsoft In 2015

    Microsoft's journey through 2015 was one filled with zig-zags and unexpected news, the attempts of a company trying to win back customers after a series of missteps that had people pulling away from the Xbox One. Just how successful were they? Let's take a look back on Microsoft's achievements... More
  • Blog Post: Afterwords – Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Crystal Dynamics recently released Lara Croft’s latest adventure for Xbox One and Xbox 360, which ramps up the high action and has the reboots’ biggest world to date. (You can read our review of the stellar game here ) We spoke with franchise creative director Noah Hughes about what went... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Kojima Made The Right Choice Picking Sony

    It sounds like Kojima had a number of options when it came to partners for the first project from his post-Konami iteration of Kojima Productions , but I think Sony was the right choice. First off, you can't underestimate the power of Kojima's stated comfort level with Sony and PlayStation products... More
  • Blog Post: The Status Of The Top 25 Most Requested Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games

    Update: Microsoft has announced the December additions for its Xbox One backward compatibility library . The inclusions bring one of the promised games (Halo: Reach) and fifteen others. This presented a perfect opportunity for us to revise the 25 most requested games via Microsoft’s poll. This... More
  • Blog Post: Top 25 Xbox 360 Games

    Today is the Xbox 360's 10th birthday, which is a great excuse to revisit our list of the console's best 25 games. We originally published this list in earlier this year in April. Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in 2005, kicking off the last generation of gaming. This was the most successful... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Long Game: Inside Quantum Break's Challenging Development

    We've shared our hands-on impressions of Quantum Break's gameplay , but now we want to reverse time a bit and talk about how the game came to be. While visiting Remedy Entertainment's studio in Espoo, Finland for our December cover story , we spoke with the team about how Quantum Break evolved... More
  • Blog Post: The New Xbox One Experience: Rebuilding For A New Reality

    When the Xbox One launched two years ago, it brought with it a set of expectations that didn’t align with a loyal consumer base. Since then, Microsoft has made enormous strides rebuilding customer trust and listening to fans about feature improvements. The New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) arrives... More
  • Blog Post: Eight Spoiler-Free Rise Of The Tomb Raider Tips For Beginners

    Rise of the Tomb Raider hits store shelves today, finally giving Xbox One and Xbox 360 players the chance to dive into Lara's latest adventure in Siberia. You can read our review here . The good news is you can play the game however you want. You can power straight through the story or take your... More
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