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  • Blog Post: Clash Of The Titans: How Gaming's Iconic Creatures And Bosses Measure Up

    Have you ever wondered how giant creatures and machines from completely different games would look if they stood side by side? We took some of the biggest and most well-known bosses and creatures in video game history and calculated how they would stack up shoulder to shoulder. This chart originally... More
  • Blog Post: The Giant List Of Games Our Readers Must Defend

    Yesterday I posed a question to readers : What generally disliked games do you defend? The responses from readers were wide and varied, covering games I didn't even realize needed defending. I've gathered the results here . Click here for a larger chart First up, in the chart above, you will... More
  • Blog Post: Ten Of The Most Iconic Outfits In Video Games

    As the old adage absolutely does not go, clothes maketh the game character. The way a character is garbed can make or break their personality as well as their appearance. Deciding how a character is uniquely clad is like a PR move in itself, presenting the character as the sum of their parts. Inspired... More
  • Blog Post: Do Updates Change Games For The Better?

    It used to be that once a developer released a game it was finished. No matter how much a developer wanted to continue working on the title, the game was done. NES titles from 30 years ago play exactly the same today as they did when they first hit store shelves. Today’s gaming world is not nearly... More
  • Blog Post: Where RPGs Can Improve

    We just entered a new console generation and are anxiously awaiting new games from our favorite genres. All genres have places they can improve and RPGs are no different. These are some areas where RPGs could use some refining and take bigger leaps in innovation. Eliminate Random Encounters Random encounters... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Enough With The Blind-Buy Microtransactions In Full-Priced Games

    In the beginning, you bought a game. You brought that cartridge home. And then you played it until you had to blow on it to make it work. Those days weren’t perfect, but they were pretty darn good. Then, we evolved. We connected to the Internet. We bought DLC. And sure, not all of it was worth... More
  • Blog Post: Attack and Defense: Five Polarizing Games

    Yesterday's big release, Beyond: Two Souls, received a mixed reception from critics and everyday gamers. When it comes to divisive games, no one is right or wrong; different elements just have varying importance to individual players. The industry sees a handful of these polarizing titles each year... More
  • Blog Post: Bioware's Vision For The Future Of RPGs

    Our coverage this month has taken a deep dive into the development and features of Dragon Age: Inquisition , but we wanted to take time while visiting Bioware to talk about the larger-picture prospects for the studio. Dragon Age: Inquisition marks the legendary studio's first foray into the next... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Ambiguous Endings Shouldn’t Be Feared

    Video game storytelling has grown tremendously. In less than 40 years, we've gone from two ping-pong paddles and a ball to full-blown narratives, multidimensional characters, and complex themes. I love watching people dissect modern games and come away with different interpretations, and that developers... More
  • Blog Post: The Good And Bad Of The Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC

    The Mass Effect 3 DLC has both hit and missed , but regardless of quality, the team at BioWare has been supporting Mass Effect 3 with a steady stream of additional content. Citadel, which released earlier this month, is the final piece of story-based DLC for the game. That also means that it's the... More
  • Blog Post: Year In RPGs For 2012

    At the end of every year, I find myself looking back on its role-playing games and examining the trends, highlights, and disappointments. Putting it in perspective, 2012 won’t go down as a pinnacle year for RPGs, but if you look closely, the year held plenty to love. Operation Rainfall Comes To... More
  • Blog Post: Game Music Spotlight: God of War/Mass Effect 3 Composer Cris Velasco

    Cris Velasco is a rapidly rising star in the world of video game scores, having composed music for blockbusters like Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, and the God of War series. We spoke to Velasco about his background, approach to creating game scores, and the future of the art form. You have a degree in... More
  • Blog Post: Why Mass Effect 3 Is Our Game Of The Year

    Mass Effect 3 was at the forefront of our minds as we here in the Game Informer office debated the greatest games of the year. Putting the bookend on one of the most influential series of this generation, BioWare's third chapter was a massive achievement that earned our highest praise . With one... More
  • Blog Post: Top Video Game Leaks

    Details of Bungie’s latest game leaked online yesterday , and it led us to start thinking about some of video game’s biggest leaks of the past. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – About six months before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and before the game was even officially... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect Wish List

    BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy confirmed that a new Mass Effect game is being developed by his studio . Although he couldn’t say much aside from the concrete fact that the game is in development, that doesn’t stop our imaginations from running wild with the potential the Mass... More
  • Blog Post: Remembering Commander Shepard

    Today, in an interview with VG247.com , BioWare Montreal’s Fabrice Condominas confirmed what we’ve long suspected: Commander Shepard will not appear in future Mass Effect games. “There is one thing we are absolutely sure of,” commented Condominas, “there will be no more... More
  • Blog Post: Using Kinect In All The Wrong Places

    I was watching a movie on my Xbox 360 the other night, when I had to go upstairs. The controller had long turned itself off. My hands were full of empties. Rather than drop everything onto the floor (my immediate instinct), I just said “Xbox, pause,” and the system obediently put the action... More
  • Blog Post: Into The Pixel's 2012 Winners Gallery

    This year's Into the Pixel, an exhibition of work by video game artists, will be on display at E3 next week. You can get an early look in this gallery showcasing the winners for 2012, including pieces from titles like Mass Effect 3, Diablo III, and Halo 4. Into the Pixel is a juried exhibition of... More
  • Blog Post: Why Changing The Mass Effect 3 Ending Is A Mistake

    Response to the end of Mass Effect 3 has been volatile to say the least. As with all games, players are free to love or hate the ending for whatever reasons they see fit – but the demand from angry fans for a new ending is unprecedented. BioWare complying with these demands, in some form or another... More
  • Blog Post: Spoiled! Mass Effect 3

    The excitement from fans up to the release of Mass Effect 3 has only been matched in intensity by the uproar over the end of the trilogy. From those who love it to those who are asking for a refund, gamers who have finished the game have no shortage of opinions over how Shepard's story is wrapped... More
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