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  • Blog Post: Top 25 Xbox 360 Games

    Today is the Xbox 360's 10th birthday, which is a great excuse to revisit our list of the console's best 25 games. We originally published this list in earlier this year in April. Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in 2005, kicking off the last generation of gaming. This was the most successful... More
  • Blog Post: Clash Of The Titans: How Gaming's Iconic Creatures And Bosses Measure Up

    Have you ever wondered how giant creatures and machines from completely different games would look if they stood side by side? We took some of the biggest and most well-known bosses and creatures in video game history and calculated how they would stack up shoulder to shoulder. This chart originally... More
  • Blog Post: Mike’s Favorite Opening Sequences From Last Generation

    There are a number of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles that I love, but the games that endear themselves to me hook me immediately. I’m not opposed to giving a game some time to get going, but I’ll always prefer those that are ready to entertain right away. I’ve picked five games on... More
  • Blog Post: The Other Side Of The Story: Swapping Playable Characters

    The idea of perspective is complex when it comes to video games. More often than not, the player sees the story through the eyes of one main character. Although the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V will have one of the highest profile instances of character switching, this concept has been around in video... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: The Difficulty Dilemma

    After hurrying home with my copy of The Last of Us and starting it up with eager anticipation, I faced a pressing question that happens nearly every time I start a new game. What difficulty setting do I want to play? It’s a loaded question. After all, I have never played the game; I don’t... More
  • Blog Post: Moments: Zaeed’s Loyalty Mission

    Years have passed since my trek to Zorya in Mass Effect 2, but I still can’t get Zaeed’s loyalty mission out of my head. I vividly remember dropping my controller, filled with conflicting emotions. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not endorsing Zaeed as a strong character; in fact... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect Wish List

    BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy confirmed that a new Mass Effect game is being developed by his studio . Although he couldn’t say much aside from the concrete fact that the game is in development, that doesn’t stop our imaginations from running wild with the potential the Mass... More
  • Blog Post: Remembering Commander Shepard

    Today, in an interview with VG247.com , BioWare Montreal’s Fabrice Condominas confirmed what we’ve long suspected: Commander Shepard will not appear in future Mass Effect games. “There is one thing we are absolutely sure of,” commented Condominas, “there will be no more... More
  • Blog Post: Game Music Spotlight: Black Ops II/Mass Effect Composer Jack Wall

    Jack Wall has worked on some of gaming’s biggest properties, from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 to Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops II. We recently spoke to Wall about his work in video games and approach to crafting the music for Black Ops II. We also learned about his surprising... More
  • Blog Post: Gone Forever: How And Why Permadeath Affects Us

    There is no shortage of death in video games. You witness myriad enemies succumb to defeat, and the good guys fall as well. In a well-written narrative, the loss of a close ally or vulnerable friend elicits emotions not commonly found in other media. In rare cases, developers have even forced you to... More
  • Blog Post: The Great Debate: Are Games Art?

    [ Note: This article originally ran in issue 207 of Game Informer] Are games art? This question has been asked hundreds of times, and no one agrees on an answer. Legendary film critic Roger Ebert recently reignited the debate with a blog post he wrote in response to a speech on the subject given at USC... More
  • Blog Post: How To Lose At Mass Effect 2

    Mass Effect 3 is right around the corner, and gamers everywhere are waiting to see how their previous decisions will affect the fate of the galaxy. Most people want the best experience possible...but what if you're aiming for a lower bar? Much, much lower. This video highlights one of the worst possible... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect: The Origin of Species

    With the release of Mass Effect 3 on the horizon, we wanted to take a look back at the conception of the galaxy's alien inhabitants. We spoke with Mass Effect's associate art director Matt Rhodes to talk about his inspirations and the creative process behind each of the main alien races. Check... More
  • Blog Post: Reader & Staff Game Of The Year 2010 Picks

    We made our picks for the best games of the year, so now it's time to see what the readers think. Users on this website voted for the best games in a variety of categories. Some of the winners line up neatly with ours, but a few dark horses won the readers' acclaim. See how your favorites stack... More
  • Blog Post: Thrown Into The Fire: Gaming's Roughest Starts

    Many action titles throughout gaming history follow a fairly simple formula - the gamer learns the controls, their hero gradually earns experience/items/abilities by defeating foes, and the action builds to a giant climax in the final third of the game. However, other titles (especially in the last five... More
  • Blog Post: How To Save (Or Kill) Your Party In Mass Effect 2

    You've already completed Mass Effect 2 at least once – maybe you've even finished multiple playthroughs. Regardless of how many times you've saved the galaxy, what goes on behind the curtain of Shepard's final mission is shrouded in mystery. You know it's good to the get the... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 3 Wish List

    Mass Effect 2 kept a fantastic storyline moving forward and introduced a bevy of entertaining new features. As much as we love BioWare’s sequel, we still have some suggestion for things we want to see improved in the third installment. After playing through the latest entry in the sci-fi space... More
  • Blog Post: Drawing Mass Effect 2: The World of The Collectors

    Creating an alien species from scratch isn’t easy. Creating the world that species lives in – the ships, tools, and architecture – can take months of work. BioWare certainly had its work cut out for itself when it started designing a new nemesis for Mass Effect 2, The Collectors. We... More
  • Blog Post: Drawing Mass Effect 2: The Creation of Thane

    How much time goes into creating a new character for a game? A lot. For every good idea a team will often have to sort through dozens of bad or misguided ones. But after months of tireless iteration a fully fleshed out character begins to emerge. BioWare’s art director Derek Watts walks us through... More
  • Blog Post: A Closer Look At The Cast Of Mass Effect 2

    If you want to get a head start on Mass Effect 2 before Tuesday, you might want to plan out who will be on your scouting party. Meet Commander Shepard's new assault team in this exclusive look at the cast of of Mass Effect 2. Grunt Class: Soldier (combat specialist, assault rifle, shotgun) Born in... More
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