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  • Blog Post: The Oculus Rift Review

    A Dream Becomes An Impressive (Virtual) Reality I first saw Oculus Rift in June 2012, when John Carmack showed me a primitive version of Palmer Luckey's hardware running Doom 3 - and I do mean primitive. Carmack warned of all the problems with head-tracking, latency, and low resolution, but he also... More
  • Blog Post: The Essentials – Doom

    For over a month now, Game Informer has been taking a look back at the video game industry's most important titles. Dubbed the Essentials, these games aren't just a ton of fun: Their quality, innovation, and industry influence make them must-play experiences for anyone who wants a greater appreciation... More
  • Blog Post: The Man Who Won John Carmack's Ferrari

    Dennis "Thresh" Fong has been at the forefront of gaming for nearly 2 decades. Under the name "Thresh", Fong helped establish pro gaming as a viable career path during the late 1990s, and is still regarded as the greatest pro player of his generation. He's gone on to similar success... More
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