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  • Blog Post: Finding The Fun With Killzone: Shadow Fall's Multiplayer

    Killzone: Shadow Fall is pushing hard to be the multiplayer game of choice at the launch of the PlayStation 4. The team at Guerilla games is bringing back Warzones, but are changing up the formula for Killzone: Shadow Fall's competitive multiplayer. The game features a healthy number of options for... More
  • Blog Post: The PlayStation 4’s Big Unanswered Questions

    We’ve learned a lot about the PlayStation 4 since Sony revealed the console yesterday . New details concerning the system’s Blu-ray player and compatibility with second-hand games continue to trickle in, but we’re still left with some big questions. The remaining mysteries include things... More
  • Blog Post: The Games Of PlayStation 4

    From new Killzone and Infamous titles to Bungie's Destiny and Blizzard's Diablo III, companies announced a slew of games at Sony's PlayStation 4 presentation today. Here's a round-up of every story we wrote about the known PlayStation 4 games. Deep Down - Capcom Deep Down is a fantasy... More
  • Blog Post: Moments: Killzone 3’s Epic Climax

    The word epic is often overused in gamer culture, but it is the only word that fits the climactic battle near the end of Guerilla Games’ newest Killzone installment. SPOILERS AHEAD WARNING: MATURE CONTENT Throughout the entire Killzone series, the Helghast are portrayed as the most ruthless force... More
  • Blog Post: See How Killzone 3 Plays With Move

    We sat down to play the newly released Killzone 3 using Sony's motion controller. Watch the full video, complete with our editors' commentary track. Killzone 3 is the best installment yet from Sony's exclusive shooter franchise. For many gamers, we figure this could be the game that helps... More
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