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  • Blog Post: 16 New Details About GTA Online's Executives And Other Criminals Update

    Grand Theft Auto Online's latest free update – Executives and Other Criminals – thinks big. Yachts with helipads, armored limos, and a posse of bodyguards aren't just trappings of the good life, they're the tools of the trade when it comes to surviving and thriving in GTA Online's... More
  • Blog Post: Top 25 Xbox 360 Games

    Today is the Xbox 360's 10th birthday, which is a great excuse to revisit our list of the console's best 25 games. We originally published this list in earlier this year in April. Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in 2005, kicking off the last generation of gaming. This was the most successful... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – NotGTAV

    When a game like Grand Theft Auto V has shipped over 45 million copies , there are bound to be some copycats. Instead of a crime-filled open-world, however, developer NotGames has taken a different approach by making it crystal clear that their game is not GTA V. Game Informer's Ben Hanson, Ben Reeves... More
  • Blog Post: Eight GTA V Rockstar Editor Videos Show Off The Humor And Drama Of Los Santos

    Grand Theft Auto V and the Rockstar Editor have been out on PC for less than a month, but filmmakers are already flexing their creative muscles. We’ve watched a number of movies made with Rockstar’s tools and have selected eight to share with you. Some of these were edited exclusively with... More
  • Blog Post: Get Your Grand Theft Auto V PC Cheat Codes Here

    Grand Theft Auto V released on PC on Tuesday, which means it's time to share the cheat codes. In addition to dialing phone numbers to activate cheat codes like on consoles, you are also able to press the tilde key (~) to bring up a command line to type in the codes. Gearnuke.com has shared some of... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Grand Theft Auto V PC

    The definitive version of Grand Theft Auto V is finally here, so it's time to put the new features through their paces with a new episode of Test Chamber . Join Reiner, Bertz, and interns Elise Favis and Jon Gregory as they tour Los Santos, taking a second to admire all the visual customization available... More
  • Blog Post: 10 Mods We Want For Grand Theft Auto V PC

    The Grand Theft Auto games are great on any platform they come to, but like the Elder Scrolls series, you get more bang for your buck with the PC version thanks to all the brilliant mods the community creates after the game releases. Now that this version of the game has shipped, we're dreaming up... More
  • Blog Post: Five Reasons Why The PC Version Could Be The Best GTA V Edition

    After nineteen months, two console launches, and 45 million units shipped, the latest entry to Rockstar’s flagship franchise is finally coming to PC. When Grand Theft Auto V arrives on the largest platform April 14, it won’t be a half-baked port devoid of new features. Rockstar’s core... More
  • Blog Post: The Incredible Swan Songs Of The Wii, PS3, And Xbox 360 Generation

    The last generation of consoles might have been the strongest yet. We not only got amazing games at retail with far grander ambitions than ever before, but we also saw online marketplaces emerge to give us even more variety and instant access to games new and old. As usual, the end of a generation brought... More
  • Blog Post: GTA Online Heists Impressions – The Waiting Game

    After more than a year of impatient foot stomping by the GTA faithful, Rockstar finally delivered on the promise of bringing multiplayer heists to Grand Theft Auto Online free of charge. These five missions are the most complex and interesting of the activities available to players, but at this juncture... More
  • Blog Post: My Real Game Of The Year Might Not Be From This Year

    This year was a contentious year for “end of” lists. Many of the editors on staff have their own opinion about what should have been game of the year, and few of them seem to agree. Personally, I’ve been telling everyone that my game of the year is Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and... More
  • Blog Post: Which Game Should You Buy On Black Friday?

    The biggest shopping days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – are coming up. This year has given us a variety of great games to choose from, and we’ve created this helpful list to help you decide which game is right for you. This is by no means a complete list of every good... More
  • Blog Post: How To Play As A Shark In Grand Theft Auto V

    We now know the location of 10 peyote plants in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V. My latest find is located on the ocean floor just off of Del Perror Pier. You'll need to come at this one from an angle to avoid drowning. I consumed this plant twice and turned into a dolphin... More
  • Blog Post: [New Videos Added] How To Play As A Bird, Dog & Cow In Grand Theft Auto V

    Bran Stark from Game of Thrones isn't the only character who can enter the mind of a bird. To accomplish this feat, you need to track down one of 27 pieces of peyote hidden across San Andreas in the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of the game. After consuming this drug, Franklin, Trevor, or Michael... More
  • Blog Post: Where To Find The First Clue In Grand Theft Auto V's New Murder Mystery

    The hunt for new content in Grand Theft Auto V continues. Today, we stumbled upon the first clue in Michael's murder mystery mission. We have no idea what it means, or where to go from here, but the first step has been made. You can find it at the Gentry Manor Hotel. Use the side entrance and look... More
  • Blog Post: Chronicles - The Hunt For Peyote In Grand Theft Auto V

    With each passing hour, gamers across the globe are uncovering new secrets in Grand Theft Auto V. One of the biggest finds so far (which we've been chronicling ) is the discovery of peyote, a drug that transforms Franklin, Trevor, and Michael into animals. The race to find all 27 peyote plants is... More
  • Blog Post: How To Find Grand Theft Auto V's First Stock Car Race

    Stock car races are one of the new additions to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V. Each race rewards the player with a new muscle car painted with logos of popular brands in San Andreas. You won't be able to jump into these new events from the outset of play. You'll... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Grand Theft Auto V's First-Person Mode

    Grand Theft Auto V has been given a new face, and with the option to play in first person it feels more immersive than ever. This current-gen release offers new lighting, missions, weather, and more. Everything from driving, flying, swimming, and shootouts are more intimate and intense with the new first... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Replay Of Our Grand Theft Auto V Live Stream

    NOTE: The stream is over for now, but you can check out the archive on Twitch right here . Grand Theft Auto V releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow. Rather than just porting over the same content, Rockstar has added a handful of touches to these versions, including a new first-person perspective... More
  • Blog Post: November 18: Welcome To The New Release Battleground

    Back in April, I penned a story about the biggest day of the gaming year: October 7 . At the time, that date featured a clash of titans, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Alien: Isolation. As you probably know, a few things have changed. Since then, Dragon Age: Inquisition... More
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