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  • Blog Post: Ways Gaming Used To Be Better

    Gamers have a tendency to look at the early years of gaming through rose-colored glasses. Not everything about those days was as great as you may remember; we recently ran through several ways that playing games used to suck . However, not everything about those days was worse. In this list, we reminisce... More
  • Blog Post: Ways Gaming Used To Suck

    The game industry isn't perfect. Even with all of the great games available, you can still find complaints about DLC, microtransactions, copy protection, online requirements, and a host of other issues that get between gamers and their favorite hobby. However, you don't have look far back in... More
  • Blog Post: Born Into Gaming

    Whether my daughter likes it or not, gaming is going to be, and to a certain extent already is, a big part of her life. Her room is decorated with Portal memorabilia and Zelda plushies, most of her clothing is adorned with video game references that fly over the head of every adult at daycare, and she... More
  • Blog Post: How Microtransactions Are Bad For Gaming

    Gamers who have been around for a few years won’t have a hard time remembering the heyday of arcades. Bring enough quarters, and the world was your oyster. Titles like Gauntlet were built to get as many of those quarters as possible. Your health ticked down. Food was hard to find. Monsters became... More
  • Blog Post: Editorial: Gaming, Skyrim, And The Digital Have-Nots

    A few weeks ago, I received an email from a longtime Game Informer reader asking about Skyrim. Usually, when I receive such emails from readers, they are asking me my opinion on a game – or complaining that I scored a certain game too low or too high. In this case, the reader was already sold on... More
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