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  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy V Headlines This Week’s Mobile Games

    From racing against time to deliver an egg to matching three or discovering puzzles in a hidden room, this week’s mobile games are sure to challenge your wits. Final Fantasy V Price: $15.99 Developer: Square Enix Platform: iOS The mobile version of the 16-bit classic finally hits iOS. Now you can... More
  • Blog Post: Ranking The Final Fantasy Series

    The Final Fantasy franchise has a massive dedicated following, and gamers all have their favorite installments. The best and worst entries are often debated among friends and fans, with no clear winners. Everybody seems to have an opinion, so here's mine. I've been playing Final Fantasy since... More
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Pain In The #$% Final Fantasy Enemies

    The worlds of Final Fantasy are packed with goblins, dragons, and all manner of classic mythological monsters. Most of these clichéd creatures are reasonably challenging but don’t pose an inordinate threat to your band of adventurers. However, there are some enemies that will pop up out... More
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