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  • Blog Post: The 10 Best Gameboy Advance Games Of All Time

    Today marks the 15-year anniversary of The Gameboy Advance's release in Japan, so we're going to look back and determine what games were the cream of the crop for Nintendo's handheld powerhouse. From new, quality entries in established series to the birth of exciting franchises, here are... More
  • Blog Post: The Best And The Worst Final Fantasy Spin-Offs

    Big franchises often take advantage of their fame and appeal with a variety of spin-offs. The RPG juggernaut Final Fantasy is no different and throughout the years it has experimented with many different flavors. Some worked out much better than we ever expected; others were complete disasters. One thing... More
  • Blog Post: Time Sinks – Final Fantasy Tactics

    My Time Sink is a little different than my coworkers’. I’m kicking it off with a story that illustrates how it became an obsession of mine, and why I fought so vehemently to give it a prominent spot on Game Informer’s Top 200 Games of All Time list (it landed at #45). After my lengthy... More
  • Blog Post: Moments: Final Fantasy Tactics’ Boss Battle Against Wiegraf

    Getting decimated in a boss battle dozens of hours into a video game isn’t very fun. That’s exactly what happens in Final Fantasy Tactics when the player comes face to face with Wiegraf Folles. Wiegraf becomes a revolutionary after he isn’t paid for fighting in a war preceding the game... More
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