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  • Blog Post: [Update] Kato's Madden NFL 16 AMA

    Update: Readers asked their questions regarding Madden NFL 16, and editor Matthew Kato answered 'em all. Thanks everyone for clicking in and asking away, and if you have anything else feel free to email or tweet me via the author links below. Original Story: It's Madden Day 2016, and maybe you're... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Madden NFL 16

    Pre-season in the NFL is normally a love/hate thing as you're glad football is back, but hate the prospect of waiting through a month of meaningless games. Don't worry. If you're an EA Access member, you can play through 10 hours of Madden NFL 16 exclusively on Xbox One. We fired up the game... More
  • Blog Post: Impressions On Five Additions To Madden 16

    Fans are always wondering what's really new with Madden. Well, for this year's game there are a few standouts we noticed in our time with the game at E3. Some are attempts to fix lingering problems while others are brand new to the series. Draft Champions This is a 15-round fantasy football-esque... More
  • Blog Post: Madden 15's Super Bowl Prediction Was No Fluke

    While nobody would have predicted that in real life the Seahawks would choose to pass the ball instead of activating Beast Mode with Marshawn Lynch with victory in its sights, Madden NFL 15 has been surprisingly prescient in its virtual Super Bowl predictions. The game (which got last night's Super... More
  • Blog Post: Five Things Still Missing In Madden's Connected Franchise

    Over the past couple years EA Tiburon has gotten its franchise mode on the right track with Connected Franchise. With an informative news hub, social media chatter, an RPG-style upgrade system, and improved scouting, Connected Franchise is a great foundation for the series. That said, it still has some... More
  • Blog Post: Johnny Football Finds Success In Madden 15 Sim Of NFL Season

    Anything can happen in an NFL season, and in this one – simulated using Madden NFL 15 – it does. Injuries, meltdowns, and Johnny Football all play a part in making this simulated season one to remember. Madden sim stats can be unreliable, but in the spirit of the upcoming NFL season we've... More
  • Blog Post: How To Become A Better Quarterback In Madden NFL 15

    The quarterback position is the toughest job on the field and true franchise-caliber gunslingers are rare, but we can help you get there. Here are a few tips for how to become a better QB in Madden NFL 15. This year's game features more aggressive defenders, which means you have to play smarter than... More
  • Blog Post: What's Missing From The Old-Gen Versions Of Madden 15

    Madden NFL 15 hits retail shelves on Tuesday, and in advance there are plenty of Madden fans who plan to pick up the game on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. If you're one of the multitudes, check out how these versions are different from the new-gen ones. Graphics are obviously always a point of differentiation... More
  • Blog Post: The Madden NFL 15 Wishlist

    Next year is a pivotal one for the Madden franchise. Madden NFL 15 – or whatever EA Sports decides to call it – represents a full year away from this November's console transition and could determine the direction for the series in the coming years. Here are some of the things we'd... More
  • Blog Post: The NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Recruiting Guide

    Recruiting is the lifeblood of your dynasty, so you can't afford to waste any opportunity to strengthen your team and set yourself up for success. We breakdown NCAA Football 14's new recruiting system and how you can use it to your program's advantage. NCAA 14 ditches the old phone call system... More
  • Blog Post: Editorial: It Will Get Worse For NBA Live

    When EA Sports canceled NBA Elite 11 in 2010, I found the decision regrettable but looked forward to brighter days ahead. Now that NBA Live 13 has been cancelled, things are getting ugly. Biting off more than it could chew, EA Canada's new control scheme for NBA Elite 11 was such a mess that EA Sports... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Madden NFL 13

    In this latest Test Chamber, Matthew Kato's game gets ugly while Matt Bertz and host Andrew Reiner look on. Take a look at the game's Infinity Engine and new passing game in action, and hear about Connected Careers and more. Take a look at more Test Chambers over at our Hub . Also, you can check... More
  • Blog Post: The Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers Strategy Guide

    This year, EA Tiburon restructured Madden's franchise mode (now called Connected Careers). We're here to help you build a championship team. You can use this handy guide to help you with everything from scheduling practices to drafting like a pro. We'll also tip you off on how to navigate... More
  • Blog Post: The Man Determining The Future of Madden

    EA Sports and developer EA Tiburon are promising big things for the Madden franchise this year after a string of disappointments in this hardware generation. We sat down with Cam Weber, EA Sports' new general manager of football, to talk about some of the challenges for the series as he works to... More
  • Blog Post: The Madden NFL 13 Wishlist

    Unlike previous years, EA Sports and developer EA Tiburon aren't going to talk about upcoming title Madden NFL 13 during the Super Bowl. But that's not going to stop us from unveiling our wishlist for the game. Apart from the usual baseline of bug fixes and improvement tweakings, Madden 13 has... More
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