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  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Sonic Team Circa Early '90s

    In the same way some football fans fondly remember the Chicago Bears’ spectacular 1985 season, or music connoisseurs might prefer The Beatles’ studio years, I have a special place in my heart for 16-bit era Sonic Team. Here’s my salute to the development team behind the blue hedgehog’s... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Infocom

    You are sitting in front of your computer. The desk is cluttered. The soft thrum of music comes from the cassette deck in the northeast corner. There are doors to the south and west. > /verbose It is with a passage similar to this that many of Infocom's titles began. Players were dropped into... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Kojima Productions

    I've always been a fan of entertainment that has you questioning what's real and what's an act. From watching Andy Kaufman's antics and elaborate pranks to figuring out what's a "work" and what's a "shoot" in pro wrestling, I've always appreciated pop culture... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Rare Circa 2001

    A lot of great games lead to shouts of joy and adoration, but I had so much fun playing GoldenEye 007 that I got the cops called on me. Like many in my graduating class, the summer of 1997 was spent bunkered in my parent's basement with a stockpile of mountain dew and frozen pizza as I Klobbed three... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – CDProjekt RED

    The Witcher studio takes an unparalleled gamers-first position on everything from DRM to post-launch support. For this – and for their amazing RPGs, of course – I salute them. CDProjekt RED stands apart in an age where cheat codes have been replaced with paid DLC and the $60 box for a single... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Criterion Games

    There are many ways to contribute to this hobby of ours, and Criterion Games has done it all – and done it well. I first came into contact with Criterion when they visited the office to show us the first Burnout back in 2001. I had not heard of the game before. Frankly, I wasn't sure how it... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Neversoft Circa 2000

    Since the meltdown of the Guitar Hero franchise, Neversoft has suffered layoffs and fallen off the map. While it's currently assisting Infinity Ward on the Call of Duty franchise within the Activision empire, in 2000 the studio was operating on the highest level. The studio's most prominent accomplishment... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Bethesda

    I push past the dark environs of the prison dungeons through the barred door and emerge into the sunlight. A river stretches out in either direction to my sides, and on the far side of the water ruined arches of an ancient building beckon. In the distance, the mountains promise even more adventure. And... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Valve

    Few studios boast the diversity of hit titles like Valve. The Half-Life series is celebrated for its innovative gameplay, seamless narrative, and cutting edge technology. Left 4 Dead accentuates teamwork like no other game before it, and was voted the best cooperative game of all time by the Game Informer... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – WayForward

    The first time I really sat up and took notice of WayForward was when I reviewed Contra 4 back in 2007. I was blown away by its faithful dedication to the classic NES/SNES games while still pushing things in new directions. The controls felt perfectly tuned, bosses were suitably ridiculous, and little... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Irrational Games

    Do you have that developer who is your sure bet? Mine’s Irrational Games. The visionary studio never lets me down and continues to break the mold with each release. Not only does Irrational continually outdo itself and other developers, but its innovation is most admirable. Whenever I step into... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Square Circa 2001

    When I talk about the glory days of Japanese RPGs, or how companies “just don’t make them like they used to,” what I’m really saying is that I miss Square. During the original PlayStation era, the company was the unquestioned master of role-playing, building a following of loyal... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Ninja Theory

    When Ninja Theory announced it would be taking the reins of the Devil May Cry series and it unveiled its new dark-haired Dante, the Internet collectively grabbed their keyboard-shaped pitch forks and started stabbing them into the air. I, on the other hand, got incredibly excited. Since my first playthrough... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Capcom Circa 1991

    I remember the first time I saw a Street Fighter II arcade cabinet. I was in college, playing pool in the student center with some friends. There were about a dozen or so machines – things like Attax, Rampart, and Cyberball – as well as a few pinball machines. None of the games drew any crowds... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Media Molecule

    Media Molecule might not be as prolific as some of my other favorite developers, but the studio's reinvention of the 2D platformer is one of my standout memories from this generation of consoles. The word "innovative" gets thrown around a lot in the video game industry, but rarely is the... More
  • Blog Post: Celebrate Labor Day With Game Informer As We Salute Developers

    Monday is Labor Day, and as is fast becoming tradition at Game Informer, we've got a day filled with special features. Each of the editors on staff picked developers near and dear to our hearts to write about. Some of the subjects no longer exist, and still others have left their glory days behind... More
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