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  • Blog Post: Don't Forget These Cult Classics From Last Generation

    Happy Memorial Day weekend from all of us here at Game Informer. Even though you're spending time with family and friends, you might still be able to squeeze a little game time into your day off. Consider diving back into a few classics from last generation. A few years ago we put together a list... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Tropico 4

    Sometimes low-profile Bulgarian developers turn out better games than big-name American studios. Find out why I’ve got over 200 hours invested in Tropico and its expansion, Modern Times. Big ol’ cities. The building blocks for most islands I develop in Tropico 4 are diverse. A tourist center... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Test Drive Unlimited 2

    It's hard to imagine what to do in a car game except race other cars, and yet with Test Drive Unlimited 2, developer Eden Games found a way to expand the genre's horizons enough to offer an experience that's slightly different from your average racer. Eden's ambition came with a cost... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Shadows Of The Damned

    What do you get when you put the perverted mind of No More Heroes' Suda51, the masterful gameplay design of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, and the musical stylings of Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka? A witty, sophomoric, intense adventure that not enough people played. Shadows of the Damned... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Wheelman

    When Wheelman was announced back in 2006, the project was full of promise. It had big star Vin Diesel attached along with his boutique development house Tigon Studios (which also worked on the great The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay). It was tied to a film of the same name and the stories... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Lair

    Lair had a rough start. Huge expectations surrounded its original release. With Sony publishing, it would be one of the first games to attempt to take full advantage of the PS3 controller’s motion-sensing properties. Developer Factor 5 had a rabid fanbase of flyboys and flygirls who had played... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Nier

    On those rare occasions where I find myself not wanting to play any new games, I retreat to my library to look for a title I’d consider playing again, or never got around to playing when it originally released. There are also games like Dragon Age 2 that I started, shelved, started again, shelved... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Driver: San Francisco

    During Ubisoft's E3 2012 press conference, the publisher proudly revealed the next entry in the Driver series. This was the part of the show where I slipped out for a bathroom break, but I should've been paying close attention. I'm constantly on the hunt for new gameplay experiences and the... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Alan Wake

    Despite being a big fan of Remedy’s Max Payne series, Alan Wake’s announcement floated by me relatively unnoticed. I’m thankful the game grabbed my attention during a Microsoft press event, or I may have missed out on a great action game with a heavy dose of mystery. The warmly received... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – Warhawk

    At E3 in 2006, gamers got their first glimpse of Warhawk. Unfortunately, the first impression wasn’t exactly stellar thanks to the developers overacting on stage in an effort to sell the capabilities of PlayStation 3’s SixAxis controller. In the face of the buzz circulating around the Wii... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

    El Shaddai is trippy. As Andrew Reiner wrote in his review about the 2011 release, it's as close as he'll ever get to knowing to what it's like to be on hallucinogenic drugs. The experience of playing El Shaddai is unmatched; it's a testament to how the developers let their imaginations... More
  • Blog Post: Cult Classics – The Club

    I played a lot of Metropolis Street Racer on my Dreamcast, and I made a point of playing anything that Bizarre Creations released from that point on. To this day, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 remains one of my desert-island games (provided the island has electricity). With The Club, the studio skillfully... More
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