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  • Blog Post: 10 Things That Still Annoy Us About PlayStation 4

    The current generation of consoles do a lot of things right, from great games to apps to social features. Now that we’re a few years into the hardware cycle, many of the wrinkles have been ironed out of the user experience – but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Last week... More
  • Blog Post: Better Late Than Never: Five Popular PC Games Available For Console

    The PC and console gaming communities aren’t as far apart as they once were. While there are some experiences you can only get on one platform or the other, this year we’ve seen many talked-about PC games migrate over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This list highlights five titles that got... More
  • Blog Post: A Massive List Of Xbox One Exclusives

    Not everyone can afford the luxury of owning every video game console, making the decision of which hardware to buy difficult. There's also an plethora of indie games to wade through, making the job of parsing all the exclusives even harder. Thankfully, the Game Informer staff has worked to the best... More
  • Blog Post: A Late Adopter's Guide To The Xbox 360

    While a lot of gamers are moving onto the new-gen consoles, not everyone experienced the benefits of Microsoft's system during the last generation. Thankfully, it's not too late. Not only is the hardware cheaper, but there is a greater wealth of Xbox 360 content to explore than ever before. Microsoft's... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: Microsoft, Kinect, And The Wisdom of Flip-Flopping

    Following the recent announcement that Microsoft will be selling a $399 version of the Xbox One that doesn't include the Kinect, many are citing this as another example of Microsoft "flip-flopping," as it did when it dropped the Xbox One's always-on DRM features. They're absolutely... More
  • Blog Post: A Late Adopter's Guide To The PlayStation 3

    Some gamers don’t adopt new hardware when it first becomes available. There can be a lot of advantages to waiting to buy a new console. Not only is the hardware cheaper, but there is a greater wealth of content to explore. Sony’s PlayStation 3 doesn’t just play games; this entertainment... More
  • Blog Post: The Major Milestones In Console Evolution

    At their core, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are video game systems. However, they contain an array of technology that's built on the innovations of the consoles that came before them. From controllers to online services, these new systems offer more for the gamer than anything we've seen before... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Demonstrates The Value Of Kinect And Entertainment Apps

    In the early days of the marketing for Xbox One, many gamers were turned off by the publisher’s insistence on showing off UI and entertainment features more than actual games. Months passed and Microsoft tuned down the multimedia hype, focusing instead on satisfying gamers after a disastrous E3... More
  • Blog Post: Don't Give Up On The Wii U Just Yet

    Early adopters of the Wii U know full well of its drought of solid titles. Like many other owners, I bought the console on launch day, only to have the GamePad sit mostly unused ever since. Despite this rocky first year, I realized that this situation isn’t that far off from other Nintendo launches... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Hits and Misses With The Xbox 360 Hardware

    With Microsoft revealing its next system on Tuesday , the time is ripe to explore what Microsoft did right with the Xbox 360 and where it could have improved. Whether or not the new console carries on the legacies of its predecessor, it's fun to reminisce about these hits and misses as Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: The Best And Worst Games Of The Xbox And Xbox 360 Launch Lineups

    We’re on the verge of learning our first official bits of information about Microsoft’s follow-up to the Xbox 360, and it has us thinking about the company’s previous console launches. Like most launches, Microsoft has seen its share of rushed stinkers and standout gems. Take a look... More
  • Blog Post: Three Piddly Little Things I Want From Next Gen

    E3 is coming in a little more than a month. That means we'll all be inundated with big news about various features, services, and tidbits about the PlayStation 4 and whatever it is that Microsoft is working on . That's great. I like hearing about those things. As we inch closer to the next cycle... More
  • Blog Post: Unboxing The Redesigned PlayStation 3

    Not many were expecting another redesign of the PlayStation 3 after a slim model hit in 2009, but with the length of this console generation, Sony decided to give its console an even more compact redesign. It releases today, and to kick it off, we thought we’d showcase an unboxing of the console’s... More
  • Blog Post: Console Games That Could Be Free-To-Play

    Free-to-play began on the PC landscape and continues to flourish there. Free-to-play mobile games are released every day. The world of consoles, however, has yet to do any real experimentation in the world of free-to-play. Almost every game could be functional in the free-to-play model. All you have... More
  • Blog Post: Last Stand: The Final Games Of The Biggest Consoles

    Many gamers consider a console dead as soon as its successor hits store shelves. While it's true that the release schedule takes a massive hit when this happens, there are always a handful of titles that arrive late to the party. Take a look at the final games released for some of gaming's biggest... More
  • Blog Post: What We Want From Nintendo’s HD Console

    Since we broke the news about Nintendo’s next console late last week, the Internet has buzzed with rumors and speculation about what Nintendo’s next console will actually be like. But will it have the features that gamers actually want in a console? Join the Game Informer staff as we explore... More
  • Blog Post: Five PC Gems That You May As Well Play on Console

    Most PC games that get ported to consoles come out looking (and more importantly, playing) like inferior versions. Only a few survive the process, but they can give PC-impaired gamers a window into what drives some of us to drop thousands of dollars on electronics every few years. It wasn't by our... More
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