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  • Blog Post: Great Mechanics From Not-So-Great Games

    Not every video game is a winner. Sometimes a game just doesn’t fully come together for myriad reasons, but that doesn’t mean the designers didn’t have some good ideas. These are examples of creative mechanics, features, or ideas that made it into games where the total package fell... More
  • Blog Post: Corrupt Data: The Worst Games I’ve Ever Beaten

    This generation has been densely packed with more amazing video games than most console cycles enjoy. Times may be good now, but it’s important to think back on your low points with video games. I’ve played some serious train wrecks, both in the name of personal masochism and answering the... More
  • Blog Post: The 10 Worst Games Of 2013

    It's the time of year when everyone is talking about the most spectacular and impressive games of the year...but not every game in 2013 was worth celebrating. As a counterpoint to all of the "best of" lists, this is a look at the most broken and abysmal gaming experiences the year had to... More
  • Blog Post: The Elements Of A Great Bad Game

    After recording over 200 episodes of Replay and around 150 episodes of Test Chamber , us Game Informer editors have run into our share of terrible games. Many bad games are fail to impress even in terms of their inadequacy, but other stinkers can wind up being memorable and hilarious experiences. What... More
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