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  • Blog Post: Remedy Reflects On The Disappointing 2008 Max Payne Film

    Seven years after the release of the original Max Payne in 2001, 20th Century Fox released a film based on the property. It starred Mark Wahlburg as the titular Max Payne, Mila Kunis as Mona Sax, Beau Bridges, Ludacris, and Chris O'Donnell among other well-known actors. The film was commercially... More
  • Blog Post: Five Non-Scary Games That Are Terrifying

    Halloween and the month of October is over, so it’s time to wind down from intentionally scary stuff. We exchange the horror movies for family comedies about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and put away the zombies and shotguns in favor of family-friendly multiplayer affairs that can be enjoyed by... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Angry Birds: Transformers

    After finding success with the Star Wars property , Rovio is turning its gaze to another beloved license, but not for the bird-flinging adventure you would expect. Although plenty of green pigs are harmed, no birds are thrown at poorly constructed towers. Angry Birds: Transformers is a side-scrolling... More
  • Blog Post: The Port Authority: A Few Of Gaming's Most Ported Titles

    Some ports are exciting, like when Metal Gear Solid 2 made its way to the original Xbox. Some ports are less exciting, like Myst appearing on every interactive device on the face of the Earth. These are the games that we have seen re-appear more often than any other game. Some are old, like the original... More
  • Blog Post: The Essential iOS/Android List

    This week, we’ve examined the major gaming platforms and recommended the essential titles for each one. Today, we cover the best games for iOS and Android devices. Whether your allegiance is with Apple or Google, both platforms offer thousands of games. It’s definitely true that iOS is the... More
  • Blog Post: Don’t Forget About Windows Phone 7; It Has Feelings Too

    It's Christmas morning. You're excited about that one gift you've been begging for since June. You want an iPhone, but you have a pleased faux-smile waiting in the wings if you discover you've received an Android, just in case. You rip into your gift, and it is a phone, but it's a... More
  • Blog Post: Games For Short Attention Spans

    I have to keep my sentences short. These are games that appeal to gamers with short attention spans. This list could also appeal to narcoleptic people or those with the Memento disease where you can’t create new memories. Are you already bored? Here’s the list. Games in your pocket Jetpack... More
  • Blog Post: The Big Questions

    With the rise of mobile gaming, gesture-based controls, browser-based games, and an elongated console cycle, the interactive entertainment industry landscape looks drastically different than it did a decade ago. Once-formidable regions like Japan have failed to keep up with development trends, while... More
  • Blog Post: NGP Wishlist

    Sony’s NGP (Next-Generation Portable) was recently announced in Tokyo with great fanfare at the PlayStation Meeting. Once unveiled, the folks at Sony broke down some of the system’s features including front and rear touch screens, two cameras for the possibility of augmented reality, dual... More
  • Blog Post: Fifteen Fun Android Games

    Do you have a long car/plane ride ahead of you during the holidays? These awesome Android games should keep you busy. Game Informer hasn't covered a lot of Android games in the past - in fact, I don't think we've covered any Android games. But a few weeks ago I bought an Android phone, and... More
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