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  • Blog Post: Iron Giants: Titanfall's Reinvention Of Mech Combat

    During our visit to Respawn Entertainment's studio, lead artist Joel Emslie confessed his addiction to watching old making-of videos for classic science fiction films. He was studying the techniques of brilliant model-makers like Stan Winston and Ray Harryhausen to help create believable mechanical... More
  • Blog Post: Getting Up Again: The Birth Of Respawn And Titanfall

    Vince Zampella and Jason West developed the most successful franchise of the generation, then they were fired. The creators of Call of Duty founded a new studio called Respawn Entertainment, signed a publishing deal with Electronic Arts, and were given carte blanche to create a new IP. We visited the... More
  • Blog Post: The Gameplay And World Of Respawn's Titanfall

    Gracing our magazine's cover this month is Titanfall , the first game from Respawn Entertainment. As a studio founded by the creators of Call of Duty, the brand new game is a fast-paced first-person shooter that allows players to command giant robots to unleash chaos. The game has shown very well... More
  • Blog Post: Discussing The Best DS Games Of All Time

    Now that the Nintendo DS is in the rear-view mirror, we wanted to run down a list of our all-time favorite games for the beloved system. You can find the full, ranked list in the latest issue of Game Informer, but the debate over the list became so heated that it spilled over into a bonus video. Rather... More
  • Blog Post: Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #243

    In issue 241, we asked readers whether they prefer playing indie games or triple-A blockbusters. While the majority favored indie games, some readers preferred blockbusters, while others found it impossible to choose. Here are some of the responses we received.. Infatuated With Indies: Indie gaming is... More
  • Blog Post: The Red Flags Of Modern Gaming

    Over the past few years, the number of gaming options on social networks and mobile devices has exploded, dwarfing those of current-gen consoles. With this endless new variety comes a shift in monetization methods, from traditional one-time purchases to freemium games and microtransactions. While there... More
  • Blog Post: Interview With Xbox One's Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten

    Game Informer visited Microsoft's campus weeks ago for an early look at the next Xbox console. The day after the company explained the Xbox One, we had some follow-up questions for the console's chief product officer Marc Whitten. Game Informer's senior features editor Matt Helgeson sat down... More
  • Blog Post: A Short History Of Xbox

    In the relatively short time it's been a player in the industry, Microsoft and its Xbox brand have come a long way. Recently over 9,000 Xbox owners told us what they thought about Microsoft's systems and what kind of gamers they are. We originally ran parts of this data in the July 2013 issue... More
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