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    MIRV Experimental fatman

    The MIRV Experimental fatman shoots 8 mini nukes at one time, kinda like a nuclear shotgun . You will need exactly 8 nukes to fire it , any less and it simply will not...
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    Mini nuke locations

    Ok now you have your shiny new MIRV experimental fat man , and you need some ammo (it does shoot 8 after all). Mini nukes being scarce , chances are you need a few to...
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    Big Game Hunter achievement

    When fighting it in the "Rite of passage" loyalty mission - have Miranda as your other party member. Have her use her "warp" ability to bring down...
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    How to attack SVER in Sabotage

    Alright, first off let me say this. There is no easy way to do this. This is just a basic guide but the tactics and strategies will have to be adjusted on the fly. That...
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    How to Get "Your Groove" in Halo

    Well, basically I thought it may be nice if i gave some pretty basic tips on how to become an overall better player in halo 3. These tips are all solely based of of personal...
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