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    kino der toten guide

    Alright all you noobs i have the perfect stradegy for kino der toten for solo round 1: buy a revive wait for them to come out of the windows then knife them round 2:...
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    Beginner's Guide to Halo 4

    One of the biggest games of the year released about a month ago, and some people are a little late to the fight. Don't worry! This guide will help new players rank...
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    Halo 4 Set U Guide

    Step 1 Buy the game Step 2 Put disc 1 in the Xbox 360 Step 3 Close tray Step 4 Start up game and marvel at the great graphics Step 5 Put in disc 2 and download all the...
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    How to make your 2K Team unstoppable !

    The simplest way I found is to just enhance your game sliders. Go to the NBA 2K10 main screen. Find the tab " MY NBA " . Then find the tab " Settings "...
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    Achievements for I Am Alive

    Achievements Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points for I Am Alive. First Machete quick kill (5 points) : Perform your first Quick...
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