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    Easy money

    Go to ever rock and dig a hole behind you and to both sides of that first hole. Face the rock and hit it repeatedly with the shovel. Doing this once a day will give you...
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    How to win in Man Hunt

    Man hunt is a team based game mode in every assassin's Creed that has multiplayer. One team has to kill the players on another. Points are rewarded for hiding, stunning...
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    Minecraft Sword

    The sword is a tool used to kill Mobs . It does the highest damage to mobs of any tool. It is also the fastest tool for destroying Fences , Wool blocks and wooden half...
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    Plug in your usb into your xbox 360 attach your nba coded file to the computer change the settings on the computer redownload the settings change to your xbox with the...
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    Lethal or Non-Lethal

    When it comes to splinter cell blacklist you have many decisions to make. whether to rush or sneak,fight or run,this gun or this gun,etc.another big decision you want...
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