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    Quick Fundamental: All out play through

    Quick Fundamental: All out play through Co-op Bananzai Now, we all know that the campaign (and storyline) are bad, crappy, [you can go on] but there's still an inventive...
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    Fighting tips for Snake

    If you prefer to play as Snake in battles, this tip guide will probably come in handy. 1.Place a bomb into the ground by pressing down B. Then lure opposite player near...
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    "Gettin' Some"

    Having trouble getting a wife in a virtual video game? That must really reflect something about you and if you can’t even score in a video game then you really...
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    Fairfax Castle

    If you think you are a more high class player of Fable II and enjoy a bit a prestige I’d like to show you Fairfax castle. Yes that’s right, at the end of...
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    The Gargoyles

    Hidden throughout Albion are annoying, ill mannered, gargoyles that are just absolutely hysterical. If you ever hear a rude comment in a Scottish accent look around you...
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