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    Fairfax Castle

    If you think you are a more high class player of Fable II and enjoy a bit a prestige I’d like to show you Fairfax castle. Yes that’s right, at the end of...
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    The Gargoyles

    Hidden throughout Albion are annoying, ill mannered, gargoyles that are just absolutely hysterical. If you ever hear a rude comment in a Scottish accent look around you...
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    Legendary Weapons

    Throughout the game there are several legendary weapons that you may be interested in getting. These weapons are, in general, better than master weapons and look far...
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    From Rags To Riches

    Obviously making money is a huge part of Fable II. It will buy your weapons, your food, your potions, your emotions, and your houses. In the beginning of the game money...
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    How to get alot of money on zombies

    People always want to get lots of money on call of duty zombies. There are two ways to do it. One envolves wasting more ammo and geting more points and the other envolves...
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