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    BF4 Sniping 101

    Firstly, this guide is for the very basics of sniping in BF4. This means features like bullet drop, zeroing your scope, etc. So to start, if you are new to FPS games...
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    Getting the AWS

    Steps: Go on a Conquest map Find a small vehicle Put C4 on it Enter vehicle with all your C4 on car AND holding trigger Find an enemy vehicle and drive straight towards...
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    LVL UP Fast!

    At the beginning try to lvl up at least 2 lvl above the recommended lvl... Then switch the difficulty from normal to hard and you will gain more exp. You should try to...
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    How to keep the entire group alive

    So you wanna know how to keep your crew alive for the achievement eh? Well here are the requirements on how to: Upgrades: Thanix Cannon, Shields, and Heavy Armor ...
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    Rust Guide -100 hrs on Steam, a humble guide from a Rookie.

    Rust, Surviving, Crafting and Building. It simulates them pretty good, so lets go to the point. At the very first the tie you are gonna be looking for the server you...
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