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    Rust Guide -100 hrs on Steam, a humble guide from a Rookie.

    Rust, Surviving, Crafting and Building. It simulates them pretty good, so lets go to the point. At the very first the tie you are gonna be looking for the server you...
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    Titanfall 360 Achievement Guide

    This is my first stab at a guide, I've read quite a few and will just keep it plain and simple in a point by point format. Please note that the majority of the Achievements...
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    Portal 2 Guide Coming Soon!!!

    Hey everyone I plan on making some games/achievement guides for games such as Portal 2 the batman trilogy and such. So let me know your thought on what you would like...
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    Easy Money and RP

    For Playstation users, look for a race called AFK RP. It is an easy race that goes around a track and you really don't have to do anything. Make sure that you set...
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    Plug in your usb into your xbox 360 attach your nba coded file to the computer change the settings on the computer redownload the settings change to your xbox with the...
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