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    How To Become A Good Fighter On Soul Calibur IV

    Ciao, and welcome to my guide on how to become a great fighter on Soul Calibur IV. If your tired of being beat over and over Online, then look no further. My instructions...
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    Achievement Hunter: Kick Em When They're Down

    To get this achievement you have to execute the enemy in every way possible. Bow Hit: B while holding torque bow Curb Stomp: need i say anything Head Slice: y while holding...
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    The Xualong Chineese Assault Rifle

    To get the Xaunlong Assault Rifle you go to the museum of technology. Go to the terminal on the Ground floor, across the entrance room to start the quest activating a...
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    Halo Wars- Warthog Rush

    Halo Wars Warthog Rush Tactic This is a relatively easy thing to pull off. You must be playing as the UNSC. Works best when 1vs1 is being played. As soon as you begin...
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    A Good Sniper

    A good sniper never miss but i will help you just in case you do. Find a good place to snipe someone( make sure its hard to see you or u will be picked off very easily...
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