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    Hey guys, this is ToggleAwesomeness, more "famously" known as Kidclub123, and I'm here to bring you a guide to SUPER SMASH BROS.! Tip 1: Use Normal Attacks...
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    Don't Lose Faith

    I bought Project Cars at launch and was very excited for this new series in the racer genre. Racing games are always high up on my favorites list and this game is slowly...
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    LVL UP Fast!

    At the beginning try to lvl up at least 2 lvl above the recommended lvl... Then switch the difficulty from normal to hard and you will gain more exp. You should try to...
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    CoD: Black ops Cheat Codes

    On the Main Menu, alternately tap RIGHT and LEFT triggers (or hold the Space bar on a keyboard). After a bit, you'll stand up. Leave your seat and examine the back...
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    BF4 Sniping 101

    Firstly, this guide is for the very basics of sniping in BF4. This means features like bullet drop, zeroing your scope, etc. So to start, if you are new to FPS games...
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