Well, this is my first GaMe, and ironically enough, KillerRabbitFTW told me about it. So I'm going to try it out. Now, let's a go!

KillerRabbitFTW was a young Marril living in Route 29, part of the Johto region. As a child, his parents were caught as HM Slaves, like the rest of his kind was doomed to be. Instead of fighting, they were only used to travel across the land, from climbing waterfalls to being force to cut down small, easily passable trees. He did not want to be forced to do the terrible labor, so one night, the Rattatas, Sentrets, Azurills, and Geodudes talked about plans to lead a revolution against the Pokemon Trainers, so no Pocket Monster would need to experience what their fellow Pokemon had gone through.

The next morning, a trainer walked through the tall grass, torching poor creatures with his Typhlosion's Flamethrower. That was when KillerRabitFTW, now called just Killer, the amazing Aqua Rabbit Pokemon, struck. His comrades all charged towards the trainer, not paying any mind to Typhlosion, who joined the fray against his trainer. More wild Pokemon came, like the respectful Pidgeys, until the cruel trainer couldn't get up. He tried getting his other two Pokemon, Maganium and Feraligator, to help, but they refused and crushed their Pokeballs. Killer than threw a Great Ball that the hostile human dropped, and caught him.

They swept across the region, with more and more Pokemon joining their cause, let it be a Dragonite or a Weedle. Each and every human was captured in the same manner as the Pocket Monsters were, and then were sent to Porygon's PC, who caught Bill. The message spread to other regions, like Hoenn, as the revolution took over the world. Soon, the every trainer was caught but one- Youngster Joey, the trainer with a Special Rattata. Killer would take care of him personally. 

He was the lone trainer that survived the invasion of Route 29, as he was drinking apple juice from his special sippy cup. His Ratatta tried to squirm free, but it was not enough, as Youngster Joey was stronger than his weak Pocket Monster, who always fainted, no matter the opponent. Killer's mission was to liberate the final Pokemon, as well as evolve. He crept up behind Joey with the most painful Pokeball to be captured in- the snazzy Master Ball.

Killer attacked Joey, but to his surprise, he was a teenager. Then he recalled it being several years, as Unova was a pain to transport new Pokemon to, as well as a group of humans leading an uprising, which was quickly stopped by using Koffings and Weezings. Joey let go of his Rattata, and actually fought like an actual human. But, Joey slipped over a ledge, and fell face first. Killer stood over the crippled Joey, and threw the Master Ball. Joey screamed in pain, as a grim grin of satisfaction came over Killer's face, as the newly freed Rattata caught up to him.

The Pokemon kept the humans locked up in their Pokeballs, and were left to be inside them, only to be let out to eat, and occasionally battle, if they pleased. In other news, Killer became a legend, and finally evolved. The Pokemon as a whole managed to evolve their technology much faster than the humans could. The now had portable healing machines, as well as Pokemon food that was edible, and not just as ways to boost performance in contests. The world was better place with Pokemon in charge.

Well, that's my first GaMe entry. I had fun doing it, and I can't wait to participate in next weeks installment. Thank you KillerBabbitFTW for telling me about the it, and I'll see on you guys next time GaMe!