Icarus: Pokemon has been through five generations of original (and not so original *looks at Reishiram and Zekrom*) species of Pocket Monsters, and five generations (along with plenty of spin-offs) of Pokemon games.  After Black2/White2, the next game will be introducing us to the sixth generation of Pokemon.  Benderstrike64 and I, Icarus, are here to discuss what we want to see in the sixth generation of Pokemon games.

 Bender: As Icarus said, a new generation will arrive after Black and White 2, or at least Ruby and Sapphire remakes. While I thought Black and White were amazing, some major innovation is needed in the franchise, as well as a fresh look on the Pocket Monster's designs (a garbage bag Pokemon, really?). This blog will be about my buddy Icarus and I discussing what we want in generation 6. Care to begin, Mr. Icarus?

Icarus: Why thanks Bender.  One thing I would love to personally see is a new way to battle.  Maybe something along the lines of the land battles in Kid Icarus: Uprising, except it would obviously have to be changed since many felt the land battle controls were sloppy.  Another thing I'd like to see is an online component similar to Dark Souls, in which you could travel in to other players worlds.  This was kind of already there with the inclusion of the Entralink, but some things could defenitly be added/changed.  As for original designs for Pocket Monsters, they definitely need to stay original.  Did you know that Zekrom and Reishiram are actually based off of two Yu-Gi-Oh cards, the Red Eyes Black Dragon, and the Blue Eyes White Dragon?  Enough of that though... What do you think should be in the sixth generation of games Bender?    

Bender: Well, a whole new battle system will not be wanted in the main game. That should be in a spin off title for the the 3DS or Wii U. Anyways, what I want in generation six. Well, I loved the step Black and White took with the dynamic battle camera and moving sprites. All I wish is for the said sprites to be less pixelized, but that is just for cosmetic purposes. I would also like a much bigger area to explore, as well as branching paths, and new environments. Wild Pokemon adjusting to your teams' levels would also be nice.

Icarus: Bigger areas to explore would be a nice addition Bender.  I also always wanted to see different paths depending on your decisions in the game too.  Wild Pokemon that not only adjusted to your team level but also your strategies would be a great addition.  Although I can't think of anything else to add, do you have anything more you want to include Bender?

Bender: Yes I do. I wish, like you, to travel through the entire game with friends, but instead of only your friends, what about just playing with those around you using the 3DS's snazzy Street Pass technology, but you can toggle it on and off via C Gear, but not during battle. For example, you can see a fellow trainer battle against a gym leader, and when they're done, you can watch them, kind of like the anime.

Icarus: That does sound like a good idea.  You would be able to form better strategies if you got to watch other people battle style and other such stuff.

Well that's just about it for this blog.  Obviously these are only the ideas of two GIO users... you can share your ideas in your own blog or in the comments section.  That concludes our co-blog.  We hope you enjoyed!

Bender: Well, Thank you for reading, amigos! Thank you Icarus for working with me on this project, as you are awesome. What do you want in generation six, and why? Again, thanks for reading this co-blog, and Icarus and I will see you later!