Yeah, it turns out that I didn't abandon Project Smash. As promised, today I will be giving a rundown of the roster in my fictional Smash Bros game, and do the movesets for one of the characters. First off, I feel that I should explain how i'm doing the movesets. I have it mapped out to normal Smash Bros combos, and I will explain the tattle section in a later intro. Also, * means that the character is unlockable. With that out of the way, let's get started.



*Paper Mario






Bowser Jr

King DeDeDe
*Meta Knight
*Prince fluff




Donkey kong
*Diddy Kong
*King K.Rool



Captain falcon
*Samurai Goroh


New Pokemon Trainer

*Mewtwo New Form


Lil Mac
*Ice climbers
*Game and watch

*Prince Sable




Tom nook


*Proffessor layton


*Black Mage




   Professor Layton is a glass cannon. His attacks deal little knockback, with the exception of his smash attacks. But don’t be fooled, he can string together attacks with ease. Players who prefer a defensive style will be right at home with him, for many of his attacks are counters. He is the second fastest fighter in the game, by default and the third fastest when running (Paper Mario runs slightly faster than he does)


How to unlock: Complete the event match “En grade!”, Win 50 matches with sword users, Complete level 8 (Story mode only)


A-Professor Layton does a quick upper cut (3%)

AA-Professor Layton kicks his opponent in the side (3%)

AAA-Layton quickly swipes his rapier sideways (7%)


Side A-Layton strikes his rapier downwards. (5%)

Down A-Layton stabs his rapier into the ground and twirls over it. He damages anybody he touches when flipping over the sword. (6%)

Up A-Layton thrusts his sword above his head, dealing tons of knockback but very low damage (3%)

Dash attack-Layton thrusts his rapier forwards (4%)


Up C-Layton fires a quick burst from his slot machine gun into the air, dealing low knockback, but traps opponent. (7% uncharged, 17% charged)

Side C-Layton snaps a photo with his camera, stunning his opponent. The longer you charge, the longer they are stunned

Down C-Layton sticks his sword into the ground and pushes back an opponent. Very low damage and reach but INSANE knockback. (0% uncharged, 2% charged)


B-Layton quickly fires his slot machine gun. It is nearly identical to meowth’s attack, but it has to recharge every 3 seconds. (1% per coin)

B side-Layton fires a quick burst from his Xray goggles. This move is nearly identical to ROB’s old side B (11%)

B down-Layton throws an apple in the air, which is followed by his hamster who devours the apple in one bite. (1% by apple, 9% by hamster.)

B up-Layton jumps into the air and uses his glider. Think of meta knight’s up B, only more vertical. (4%)


Air A-Layton swings his hat around his body. (5%)

Air A down-Layton dives down, rapier in hand. (11%)

Air A up-Layton fires a small blast from his X-Ray goggles, dealing massive knockback. (9%)

Air A side-Layton dives diagonally with his sword drawn (7%)


Grab-Layton grabs his opponent by the arm and shoves their head downwards.

Pummel-Layton knees his opponent’s head

Backwards throw-Layton spins his foe around and knocks them back with a blast from his slot machine gun.

Up throw-Layton tosses his foe into the air

Down throw-Layton slams his foe’s head into the ground.


Entrance-Layton drives in on the Layton mobile.


Taunt 1-Layton sips tea.

Taunt 2-Layton takes off his top hat and fixes his hair.

Taunt 3-Layton salutes with his rapier.


Win 1-Layton points at the screen and says “Another puzzle solved!”

Win 2-Layton takes off his top hat and bows

Win 3-Layton pulls up a chair and sits down with a cup of tea in hand.


Win music-The puzzle solved jingle


Loss-Layton golf claps with his hat pulled down over his eyes. A true gentleman is always a good sport.



Tattle-Who is this guy? He sure looks fancy, judging by that top hat. Be careful with this guy, I think he has a few tricks up his sleeve.