Mothers, Mummies, turtles, trees, gargoyles, and now scarecrows? Yes, I have been covering some weird topics this past month. However, nothing has been weirder than this countdown. Scarecrows are odd concepts, they’re pretty much statues designed to scare away the crows that would eat your plants. They were used by farmers, but in video games they would rather cut you down with a scythe then just scare the birds away. Also, Scarecrow from batman will not be on the list, because he is a human. So without further ado, drop from your post and start the musical number, it’s time to scare some crows!


10-Haunted Scarecrow (Ghost Master)

As i’ve said before, Ghost Master is a really fun game. One of the most interesting spirits is the Scarecrow, who joins your party once blood is spilled near him. He can use a variety of murderous spells to scare unwitting humans. He is usually a member of my party when I go out on haunts, and has helped me on many occasions.


9-Straw Head (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars)

Straw Heads are some of the most uncommon enemies in the entire game, but they’re certainly scarecrows. They patrol the Sunken Ship with their lamps and menacing pumpkin outfits. They’re easy enemies to beat, but they can be annoying. They can turn Mario and his partners into scarecrows themselves with magic, so defeat them quickly!


8-Mega Scarecrow (Devil May Cry 4)

Normally, scarecrows have one scythe. The Mega Scarecrow is practically a giant scythe. It has scythes on its back, scythes on its legs, and even scythes for arms. They spin their blade arms around, cutting Nero up mid-combo. You should always take them out first, because if not they will definitely give you some trouble.


7-Impaled Scarecrow (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

Most people would hang a scarecrow up on a post. Dracula just sticks a spear right through them, Vlad the Impaler style. His crazy creations attack by hopping around on the post they are stuck on, damaging you if they can touch you.  They appear in the Forbidden Library alongside the Lion and Tin Man enemies. I see what you did there, Konami.


6-Ragged Reaper (Dragon Quest IX)

Who says scarecrows just have to be made out of straw? The Ragged Reapers are nothing but burlap sacks stitched together who came to life. They grab their farmer’s scythes and begin to terrorize the countryside of Zere. They’re easy enemies, but they still captured my imagination.


5-Harvest Golem (World of Warcraft)

Harvest Golems shouldn’t be terrifying. They’re fat piles of straw with some cloth wrapped around them. Very few people know the truth. Harvest Golems are quick bringers of death, who will stick their dagger-like fingers into your chest and leave the mutilated remains strewn around their territories. If you see one on the fields of Azeroth, do the sensible thing and run away.


4-Cacturne (Pokemon)


Cacturne is a special type of scarecrow. Cacturne is a scarecrow who is also made out of a giant cactus. They are poisonous beings that hunt for other Pokemon in the dead of the night. They are a grass and dark type mixture, who can use some poison moves. They aren't the best Pokemon, but they are certainly interesting.


3-Birdy (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

So far, these scarecrows have been dangerous beings. Birdy just wants a drink. He teaches Conker how to use the B button to summon objects, which is a skill Conker needs to survive the game. Later on in the game, he asks for 10 dollars to buy the game’s instruction manual. He can still somehow talk and drink, even with his mouth sewed shut.


2-Pierre (The Legend of Zelda: Mojara’s Mask)

Pierre is a very special scarecrow. You see, he wears a vest and dances. Pierre lives inside of the observatory, and wants to hear some ‘pleasant music’. Pierre can teach you the song of double time and the inverted song of time, as well as dance. While Pierre did appear in Ocarina of time, he just wasn’t as memorable.


1-Fiddlesticks (League of Legends)

One day, a summoner wanted to create his magnum-opus. It went terribly wrong. When an apprentice came to check on the summoner, he was met with a scythe to his neck. The only men who survived from checking up on him had become paranoid, and driven insane. The league sealed the summoner’s chamber, and Fiddlesticks just patiently waited for his next opportunity to strike. Years later, the league decided on a use for the evil sealed inside. A champion. Fiddlesticks now roams the Fields of Justice, killing all who dare cross him.