Today, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launched. In honor of the hours I plan to stay up dropshotting other players and listening to twelve-year tell me that they slept with my mom, I want to look back on my top ten multiplayer shooter maps of all time. Here are some quick rules. I am only picking one per franchise, and they can be any genre of shooter. Also, this is all my opinion and can only come from games I have played. Get your akimbo shotguns at the ready and mute every other player in the party, we are going in.


10-Paris (Twisted Metal)

This is a great shooter map, but it is so low just because of the fact that it is hindered by bad controls and hit detection. If you can look past that however, you will find a fun map with multiple ways to change the environment and plenty of racial stereotypes to gun down. This also has one of the most iconic moments in the form of blowing up the Eiffel Tower to create a bridge to the Paris rooftops.


9-Construct (Garry’s Mod)

Construct is the map usually used by Gary’s Mod players. For a good reason too. It has multiple locations to show off the different effects such as lighting, water, and gravity. It also has enough room to spawn in as much NPCs as your computer can handle and make them all fight to the death. If you want to mess around in Garry’s Mod, look no further.


8-The Sanctuary (Uncharted 2: Among Theives)

Uncharted 2’s multiplayer is one of the best on PSN, and I had a hard time choosing between this and The Train Wreck but this came out on top due to the flexibility of it. Sprinting across rooftops firing off my AK-47 at enemies in a free-for-all is some of the most fun I have ever had on PSN.


7-Corneria City (StarFox: Assault)

  This criminally underrated third-person shooter for the Gamecube has a spotty campaign and wonky controls. However, the real fun is in the multiplayer. I have invested over a hundred hours into fighting my friends across the game’s many maps, and this is the best out of the bunch. The real fun is playing sniper match, Falco only, and jetpacks equipped. The game evolves into a tense cover based shooter with people cartwheeling across highways and scoring tricks shots from atop that cheap red skyscraper.


6-Hemmorrhage (Halo Reach)

A mongoose barrels down the grassy plains of Blood Gulch. Sniper rounds and rockets fly past it as it charges to the Red base. On the back of the mongoose sits a Blue Spartan, Red flag in hand. The Red Spartan sniper shoots the Blue driver, and the Blue flag carrier panics. Blue Banshees swoop down over head, taking out the pursuing Red Warthogs. The tide of the battle has turned and the Blue flag carrier dashes back to safety. A gunfight breaks out back at the Red base, and chaos ensues. This is just one of my great experiences playing Hemmorrhage with my friends, and this iconic map is perfectly set up for insane war stories like that one. The canyons and vehicle placements allow for the battle’s tide to turn for the other side easily.


5-Kashyyyk (Star Wars: Battlefront 2)

This mission is the Star Wars take on D-Day. One side will be attacking the beach to capture the control points, while the other team will be defending it. Battles on this map are always frantic and filled with insanely close-quarters gunfights. Eventually, the opposing team will bring down the gates blocking off the final control point, and the attackers will swarm in. This is usually when the fight takes a turn for the frantic, with explosions and gunfire being shot from every direction.


4-2Fort (Team Fortress 2)

This map is great in the way that every player can benefit from it. Snipers have the rooftops to pick off Heavy/Medic combos, Engineers have those small courtyards to set up turrets and wait for some poor sap to attempt to steal the intelligence, Spies have the under-water tunnels to sneak past the gunfire on the surface, Scouts have the tight corners and branching paths to outrun their opponents, Soldiers have multiple choke points to fire off their rockets, Heavies and Medics have the bridge where they can stop approaching enemies in their tracks, Demomen have tight corners to lay down stick bombs, and Pyros have the thin tunnels to burn everyone passing by. It shows off the best of the teamwork at the heart of the game and causes frantic matches.


3-Facillity (Goldeneye 007)

If you played Goldeneye 007, you know exactly what I say when I mean proximity mines in the bathroom. This map was filled with dirty underhand tactics and tricks that would leave your opponents wide open to a shot from your pistol. Or your hat, if you are one of those good for nothing Oddjob players. Seriously, Oddjob has ruined more friendly competitions then Mario Party chance spaces.


2-de_dust2 (Counterstrike)

When you think of Counterstrike, this is always going to be the first map that pops into your mind. For a good reason too, this iconic map shows off the very best that Counterstrike has to offer. Matches are quick and lethal, and you always have to check every corner for those pesky terrorists hiding behind the boxes at bomb site B. Or the shotgun wielding soldiers who storm through the double doors, shooting everything that moves. Or the snipers who hand back by the bridge and pick off Counter-Terrorists swarming site A. No matter how you play, you will always have a good time.


1-Nuketown (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

After a grueling decision between this and Terminal, I went with Nuketown for just how frantic it is. Nuketown is the map that shows off all of the strong points the Call of Duty series has. Fast paced action? Check. Multiple ways to enter a building? Check. Always keeping you on your toes? Check and check. Whenever I play this map in Black Ops, I always know that I will have a good time.