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Dawn of the First Day

So hopefully I'm back for a good long while this time. School and several other factors have kept me busy, but I'm done with that stuff and so I'm going to be back around commenting and blogging. Anyway I'm gonna hit the ground running with the opening to a little Pokemon story that I'm going tobe posting here on GIO. Anyway let's start guys and gals!

I touched my feet to the ground and knew at once I was home. The grass felt great across my bare feet. It was natural being barefoot. I had never liked shoes so I just chose not to wear them. My plain white shirt was unremarkable while my jacket drew a lot of attention to itself being a golden and red color. My mother had made it for me for my eighteenth birthday. As I thought about what today meant for me, my hand went instinctively to my belt which held a single tiny sphere. It was white and black in color with a chrome ring around the center and a chrome button on the front. Removing it from my belt I looked over it with admiration. Today I started my journey. Ever since the Dragon War between Zekrom and Reshiram ravaged the land and tore the inhabitance asunder, separating them into two groups, kids were no longer allowed to start their journeys at ten. The age had been moved to eighteen even after a group of trainers reunited the world and allowed people to begin rebuilding. With the Gym system having been reinstated the Leaders returned to their posts and that’s where I was headed. First I had to be given my first Pokémon though. I was lucky enough to begin my journey the same way as the one of the six Pokémon Masters who had united the world again. Red, the Champion of Kanto and Leader of the Pokémon Masters had begun his journey just like I was, here in Pallet Town. I made my way in the quiet early morning, towards the lab of Professor Oak. I could hear the noises of Pokémon coming from behind the lab. I gave the door a gentle knock as I approached it. I waited a few moments before I knocked again. I waited once more and went to knock as the doors slid open in front of me. I was greeted by a young, spiky, brown haired adult standing in front of me. He wore a pristine white lab coat labeled researcher. I assumed by the lack of gray hair that this was just an assistant. “I’m looking for Professor Oak, sir.” I said to him as politely as I could. The man looked at me as if trying to decide if I was serious.


Several moments of unnerving silence finally ended when the man in the lab coat began to laugh at me and extended his hand. “I’m Green.” He said holding out his hand. I took it reluctantly as I stood wide eyed at the fact that I hadn’t recognized one of the greatest Pokémon Researchers in the world. “I’m Professor Oak’s grandson. I’ll be taking over the lab soon so I’ve been running it while he is out of town.” Another chuckle escaped him as if some invisible joke had been made at my expense. “I apologize for rambling you are?”


“I’m Roxas.” I said confidently. “I’ve come to receive my first Pokémon sir.” Green look at me as though he saw right through me. Green continued to stare at me with the same look my dad would make when he’d reminisce on his days as a traveling trainer. After a few moments of yet another awkward silence Green took me to a room towards the back of the lab. Inside the room was relatively cold compared to outside. In the center of the all grey room sat a machine with a transparent glass casing. As we got closer to the machine I saw three Pokéball.


“So Roxas are you at all familiar with the three Pokémon you are allowed to choose from?” Green asked opening the center machine’s casing. I nodded my head no. It had been a long time since I had actually thought about the Pokémon I might get to choose from once I started my journey. “Well there are three as you should clearly be able to see. The first Pokéball” He said pointing to the one on the left. “Contains a Pokémon named Bulbasaur. It’s a more level headed Pokémon and is compatible with nearly any trainer.” I nodded in acknowledgement. “This one here.” He said pointing to the middle Pokéball. “Contains Charmander. Charmander can be quiet the handful if not given to the proper trainer, very quick to anger and prone to fits of rage.” I nodded once more and Green pointed to the final Pokéball.  “This one contains Squritle. It’s more relaxed than either of the other two Pokémon, but you won’t find a Pokémon who is more versatile in terms of travel.” I nodded a final time going to my belt and pulled my personal Pokéball and pressed its button to the button of another Pokéball. A dinging noise signified that that the transfer was complete. “That’s a good choice, Roxas. So tell me where are you going first?” I looked at him and thought on it. I didn’t have much of an idea, nor had I ever really thought about it. Finally I just shrugged my shoulders and shifted my weight in uncomfortable silence as I stood waiting, unsure whether or not I could leave yet. “Well I’d suggest starting in Pewter City. After that who knows where the road will take you.” I thanked him and turned to leave quickly eager to get my journey underway. “Hey Roxas” Green shouted at me. “You might want this.” He held out some sort of wrist device. It was a fluorescent and vibrant orange. “Sorry about the color it was the last one I had.” I took the device and looked at him quizzically drawing out another one of his laughs. “It’s a PokéGear. They are all the rage in Johto. My Gramps had about a dozen or so modified so that they function as a Pokédex as well as a normal PokéGear.”



“Thank you Professor.” I shook his hand and ran out the sliding doors and started quickly down Route 1. The sky was a crystal clear blue, and filled with wild Pidgeys and Spearows. I continued down the route not a care in the world. My journey to become a Pokémon Master had just begun and I had no idea the trials that awaited me.

Well hope ya'll enjoyed this little story. 

Good to be back though and I'll see ya'll next time!