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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Revamped Lockout Joins The Roster Of Classic Halo Maps

Halo 2 players will undoubtedly remember a familiar location from the game when they play the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Multiplayer developer Certain Affinity has announced that a revamped Lockout will be joining the roster of six returning maps.

"We're thrilled to be bringing this fan-favorite back, and are paying close attention to the details and subtleties that made the original great while also making a couple of very careful, very calculated enhancements," says Max Hoberman, president of Certain Affinity and a lead designer on Halo 2's original release. "Most prominent among these are a bit of cover added to the ‘Elbow,’ the long walkway connecting the grav lift to the sniper tower, and a dynamic element that should help counter an entrenched group of enemies. Of course this can be disabled in Forge for players who want a near-match of the original experience.”

Take a look at a flyby video below to see the updated level. You can also check out some of the original images from Lockout compared with the remade version in the screenshot gallery below.

Of course, Halo isn't about these kinds of placid experiences. To see how things play out during gameplay, watch the footage below.

For more information on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, take a look at our Gamescom preview, which includes a glimpse at the updated Sanctuary map. The game's set for a November 11 release on Xbox One.

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  • im so ready for halo!!!!

  • November 11 feels so faraway!!!

  • Looks cool

  • I got into Halo 3 multiplayer hard my freshman year of college, my roommate got me hooked. Play till 5 in the morning and get up for a class at 8...good times. I can't wait for this game, Halo 4's multiplayer didn't do anything for me so I'm looking forward to Halo 2's which I never played online.
  • Those sound effects are so sexy.

  • Wow! When you compare the classic versions to the new updated versions, the difference is very impressive. They are doing a really good job recreating the levels/maps in massive detail for the remake.
  • That draw distance...

  • Ugh, so tempting. I really didn't want to buy this and Destiny(AND Little Big Planet 3), but those previews just brought back a lot of memories.

  • I really enjoyed the multiplayer experience for Halo 3 and Reach, but was underwhelmed with Halo 4's. Most notably missing was the post-death cam that was perfect for the uncontested teabag. This needs to return circa Halo 3 and Reach, the tea must be delivered and the victim must watch as their body is given a thorough 'bagging by all members of the opposing team. It is only right. Do the right thing here, 343.

  • Gotta admit that it will be hard not playing Halo2 remastered, after all the time I spent on LIVE and XBC playing the best console-FPS ever made IMO. Xbox1 is not for me though, and I wouldn't have enough time now that I've added the WiiU to my roster of current consoles. Have fun with it guys and grab a friend, splitscreen online multiplayer in Halo2 is too good.
  • Sometimes I wish I could see what the fans of MP see. The excitement for MP content is always lost on me for whatever reason. However the hype that sells me this collection is the SP portion of the game and visiting them once again in clear crisp HD with 60fps. I await the day when I get an X1, this and the new Halo are the two biggest titles on my list for that system.
  • Man thus looks so f'n awesome. .. I can't wait to play it.. it looks and sounds amazing.

  • I wonder if super bounces are coming back, they said they're keeping the multiplayer true to the original
  • man the gameplay looks pretty smooth

  • That special moment from 1:00 to 1:05 in the gameplay video just brought a tear to my eye.......... HALO > ALL OTHER FPS's
  • that 60fps is so sexy

  • So pumped!!!!!

  • I cannot wait for some classic Halo multiplayer!
  • Oh goodie they remade lockout...AGAIN. Whatever I'm still pumped!

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