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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Take A Look At Halo 2's Completely Remastered Master Chief Collection Cutscenes

Blur Studios, the animation studio behind many amazing pre-rendered video game cutescenes, has overhauled all of Halo 2's cutscenes, and you can see some of them in action here.

Blur Studios is responsible for the cutscenes that appeared on Halo Wars an many other video games, as well as work in the world of film, like the opening credits of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. You can check out some clips from the updated scenes below, which offer a drastic visual improvement over the original scenes from Halo 2's 2004 release.

For more on all things Halo, head here for details from our conversation with Halo producer Kiki Wolfkill.

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  • Wow! That just gave me shivers of amazement! This is definitely going to be a digital download title.

  • I've been waiting for something to make me want a xb1 and I just found it.

  • Halo, somehow you always manage to get my money.

  • Holy. ***. that's awesome. and I was just arguing with my boyfriend that since I own all the Halo games he doesn't need to buy the master chief collection. now I know I was wrong. thanks gameinformer lol
  • Metroid other m (let's not speak of it again) rendered cutscenes on Wii looks sexier. Where's the side by side comparison?

  • They don't look that much better...
  • It will be exciting to see all of these cut scenes remastered. I cannot wait.

  • I guess I'm the only one who has an issue with the faces? Not that they're bad, the whole thing looks amazing, there's just something to how they're drawn... Maybe a little cartoon-ish? I'm not sure. Either way, it seems really out of place, to me.

  • Great, and it's not coming to 360. Guess i'll just be watching it on youtube then.

  • Chinese noodle

  • it really really looks nice....

  • Those look gorgeous, but there's no reason to be impressed by CGI. If they wanted to make this the Xbox One's killer app then they should have redone the cutscenes with the Halo 4/5 engine running off the console. A video file doesn't prove anything.
  • I'm a Sony guy, I bleed Playstation but I bought an XBO besides my PS4 just because of the master chief collection!!!
  • Oh my god it looks so good

  • They cut scenes look amazing!! One problem. I hate how Cortana looks. Why couldn't they make her look like the Cortana in Halo 4? She looked gorgeous in Halo 4.
  • Maybe someday I'll pick up a one for this collection

  • WOW !!! Looks like an entirely NEW game. Guess I know when my first break from DESTINY will be now.
  • Omg, so pretty. Halo 2 was one of the better games, actually. To me and my cousin, anyway. Sooo looking forward to the collection.

  • Ahh damn. Now I have to buy an Xbone

  • SO MUCH WANNT!!!!!

    actually looks pretty decent for another remake.. the first halo remastered or anniversary was very good to be able to go bad to the roots and put more deeper story into previous halo's. also puting more character into 343 guilty spark in those little animated cutscenes everytime you collect a holograph memory or something. so yeah cant wait for this anniversary remake, releases!