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Sunset Overdrive

More Customization At San Diego Comic Con

Yesterday, we told you all about the customization options discussed at the Insomniac San Diego Comic Con panel. Today, Microsoft dropped off a trailer showing the style in action (including the now infamous kangaroo codpiece).

As we mentioned yesterday, clothing options come from three groups: mainstream, street, and costume. They are entirely aesthetic and confer no bonuses whatsoever.

Insomniac wanted to make sure that people were free to wear what they wanted, without the pressure of equipping different gear for stat reasons. The amps help fill in the combat customization aspects, as we’ve started to see in other videos.

In addition to gender, skin tone, and race, Sunset Overdrive will allow players additional levels of customization. There are different body types, so expect to see a diversity of characters running around. Hairstyles (like clothing) have physics applied to them, which means that crazy 80s rocker hair will move naturally as you're swinging through the city.

You’ll be able to mix and match their for your own look or use outfit presets if you prefer to match. For more on Sunset Overdrive, check out a recent preview. For more info on customization, check out our rundown of the San Diego Comic Con panel. Sunset Overdrive is out on October 28 for Xbox One.

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  • Haaha that is so awesome. I really like in depth player customization. Reminds me of Tony Hawk: Underground.

  • YES! Kangaroo codpiece!

  • Wow. The more I see of this game, the more excited I get.

    Customization aside, the gameplay looks fast, fun, and responsive.

  • That's some impressive customization.

  • I'm really loving how Insomniac kept things crazy and colourful like this. I'm glad they didn't panic and change things to cater to focus groups like they did with Fuse

  • This game looks really fun! Since the Witcher 3 got delayed I might be able to pick this up. To many good games coming out in to short a time.

  • I like my customization in games, I always have to make my character unique. I like that I don't have to wear any apparel without worrying about stats, I know it's weird, but I like to match with my outfits. I don't want to wear something that isn't going to match, but has better stats.
  • Reminds me of Gotham city impostors with that art style and zany outfits, That being said, that was the only reason i really liked that game was because i got to make my character unique. Thats one thing in any game that i love regardless of type, you let me play dress up with my character then im all in lol. I just love to put on things you could never get away with in real life and in essence thats what games are for so we can live out fantasies. Saints row was another game which grabbed me because of the deep customization for everything in the game but mainly for the character. Jeez im already buying Destiny,Shadow of Mordor, Dragon age, and Evolve. Now i have to pick this one up too, I am gonna be broke this october:( and thanks for letting me ramble.

  • I'm getting a Dead Rising vibe from this, I'm not a big fan of DR.. Also, I don't have much faith in Insomniac. I'm going to need a lot more before taking a chance on this.

  • I miss resistance.

  • It's good that the clothing is used purely for cosmetic purposes. Personally, I'm slightly confused as to why some games encourage the player to customize their character's look, but tie their performance to what they're wearing. From what I've seen that often just leads to everyone's characters looking all too similar to each other. Good to know Sunset Overdrive dosen't take that approach.