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Halo: Master Chief Collection

343 RTX Panel Shows Gameplay For Halo 2 And More

343's presence at this year's RTX brought forth a slew of new information regarding The Master Chief Collection, such as the Gungoose coming to Halo 2. In this video showcasing its panel, 343 Industries, led by community manager Andy Dudynsky, shows gameplay, updated features, and menus for the upcoming collection.

The whole panel is interesting and informative, but if you want to get into the meat of it all, check out 2:44 to see what the menus will look like in the game as well as seeing some of the maps and variants that will be playable. Actual gameplay can be spotted at around 24:40.

This collection brings in remastered versions of the four Halo games starring Master Chief. As shown in the video, a big focus is bringing Halo 2, a fan-favorite and oft-considered granddaddy of modern first-person shooter multiplayer, to the modern age. The new edition will come with updated visuals, audio, weapons, and vehicles.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes out exclusively on the Xbox One on November 11. To see more about the upcoming title, check out the latest trailer or read our rundown of what the title will bring here.

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  • I can't wait to play Halo 2 with the assault rifle, it's the one thing that game always needed. It would also be flippin' epic if they released more "re-imagined" maps later on as free DLC, or at least very reasonably priced DLC. Halo 2 has too many cool maps for only 6 of them to be redone.
  • Does anybody know if Halo 2 has 4 player splitscreen offline? Playing with my brothers is my favorite thing to do in Halo 3, 4 and Reach. Anyway, can't wait till this comes out!
  • Pretty exciting to see the updated visuals and the modern changes they're implementing. I don't have an Xone but I'm seriously considering it for this.
  • You guys still haven't talked about the RWBY game. It may not seem interesting enough, but I think seeing a fan getting picked up by the producers to make a game is cool.

  • I'm so excited for this! I don't know if I want to jump straight into Halo 2 or start with Halo:CE.

  • I might get a Xbox One just for this.

  • O wtf man only for X1? Not for 360 as well? Well shiet guess I wont be getting it...
  • this one of the best things that could have happen in gaming am happy for this

  • I am seriously considering getting an XB1 just for this collection alone. I don't need any other game for the XB1 (thats what I have my ps4 for) But this is a system seller if you ask me. Halo 2, the greatest multiplayer game of all time unchanged like it was in the good ol' days, I want this!

  • Im so pumped for this!

  • I'm not a huge MP player, but Halo's was fun (kind of stopped around Reach and four though, as no one else cared to play those since Call of Duty was the thing around those game releases in terms of multiplayer). This I think will be a game I personally play a lot individually, but also locally with my brother, and with my other brother online with us, though he has to get a One first, which I think this could do it for him as it's a game all three of us can play together.
  • This is by far probably the greatest collection ever released for a franchise. The only other franchise I might say would come close would be The Elder Scrolls Anthology, of which was exclusive to PC containing the five numbered games. While it may be debatable for some, Halo 2 was the defining moment for online multiplayer for consoles. Period. The campaign was absolutely horrible, but the multiplayer was completely unrivaled. Halo 2 is the reason Xbox LIVE became the powerhouse that it is today, and it's incredible to see the developers putting so much time and effort into not only remaking these maps and experiences, but upgrading them. It's a little unfortunate that Halo 3 isn't also getting the anniversary treatment, but it will be nice to experience all the nostalgia and great memories that Halo has brought for over a decade. Up until this point I haven't really played my Xbox One that much and it's really nothing more than a media center, but the MCC will definitely get a lot of play time when it's released.
  • Pretty excited for this collection and the chance to replay all the games again!

  • Are Halo 3 and Halo 4 just existing updated versions of the games? This is confusing because of Halo and Halo 2 being listed as Anniversary titles. I just would like some more info on this.

  • I like how Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 are considered some of the best Xbox games ever made despite how haphazard and rushed their development cycles were. They were both great, but watching this panel reminded me that they were going to be so much more.

  • I'll wait on this, because they may port it to PC, and potentially look a whole lot better. At the same time the collection is going to the XBOX One, so it is formatted for that consoles specifications. I do have an XBOX One, but my computer is capable of running graphics in 2K (1920 x 1080) resolution and games look insanely better on my PC, and run a whole lot better. I am both a PC and console gamer. I am jusy stating in my opinion if this comes out on PC, I would think it a better choice.
  • "let's re-release Bungie's good games, because ours suck."
  • I want this on day one. The second coming of Halo 2 multiplayer is glorious, considering Halo 2 PC is kinda lackluster in terms of population.

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